Pictured here is the most recent addition to my spiritual souvenirs shrine. This is the story of how it appeared in my life and what it means to me.

Cats. To understand this story, one must know that among other things, Freya is a goddess of cats. Also, love and sex, and that is why the heart symbol is one of her symbols. She is also a goddess of war, but that's not relevant to this tale.

As long time readers of this blog know, a while ago Freya gave me to Sigyn. In a way my relationship with Freya is even closer than it was during most of the decades between when I swore myself to her and when she considered me a finished project ready to be given. That's because during most of that time, I didn't live the kind of god-saturated life I've lived since Loki and his brothers came to me as muse. I've probably directed more sacrifices and toasts to her in the past few years than in the decades prior, not only because considering who a food or beverage is for and raising an appropriate hail has become my habit, but also because now I see why she came to me all those years ago, and what the end result was, and I'm grateful. Still, I was unsure if she was still part of my internal god-pile, as I call the small group of gods I'm closest to-- until she gave me a sign.

I was on my way to do some cat sitting. That is, taking care of someone's cat while they were away. I had just parked in front of their house and gotten out. Something shiny caught my eye. There in the street, right in front of my cat caring appointment, was a red heart. Awe came over me. That was a Freya symbol!

I picked it up. It was definitely a heart symbol shape. It was clear, red, and faceted like a jewel. It was a symbol of Freya, and an expression of her continued presence in my life, and of her approval of taking care of cats. Now I am no longer unsure. I know she is still with me.

I realize there could be a perfectly mundane explanation for why this object was sitting in the street. I choose to go with my gut reaction, which was breathless awe that I had received a sign from Freya that she was with me and approved of my actions. I choose not to second-guess myself. I choose not to explain away all the meaning in my life. I choose to feel loved.

Image: a small red heart held in my fingers. Photo by Erin Lale.