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Antiope Fitness and Training Spell

Like many people, I have fallen in love with the new Wonder Woman movie.  Also like many people, I am in need of getting myself into better physical shape.  I’ve decided that a great way to support my fitness goals is to have a pop culture character to work with as a trainer to help motivate and guide me: thus enter General Antiope.
***This post will contain some minor spoilers for the beginning of Wonder Woman.  If you haven’t seen it you, go do so!***
If you haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, General Antiope is the fiercest of all the Amazons and the one who teaches Diana her skills.  Antiope has several characteristics that make her an ideal trainer. 

First is her genuine desire to prepare those under her supervision to overcome any obstacles the world throws at them.  Antiope decides to train Diana, against Diana’s mother’s  wishes, because she knows that someday Diana will have to go up against Ares and that Diana needs to be prepared.  Antiope does not train Amazons for reasons of honor or prestige, but out of a genuine desire to keep them safe.  I’m not looking to “lose weight” or have a “beach body,” I’m looking to improve my physical health for the sake of having the stamina to actually do everything I need to do. 

Second, Antiope is a compassionate trainer.  As hard as Antiope pushes her charges, she never tried to deliberately hurt or humiliate them.  Anyone who’s ever had a bad gym experience knows that some trainers are...a@@holes.  I don’t believe anyone should be shamed into bettering themselves; I find that type of behavior incredibly toxic.  Antiope knows how hard to push constructively without being abusive. 

Third, Antiope is played by Robin Wright, one of the most important icons of my childhood.  In my mind she will forever be Buttercup from the Princess Bride.  As the popular meme says: “I have lived to see my princesses become generals.”  To see someone who was the chief damsel in distress of my childhood stand up and become one of the most powerful warriors ever known is empowering in a way I cannot actually put into words.  As meta as that fact is, it has a huge impact on what Antiope means to me and makes her a symbol of transformation and empowerment in her own right.  These three factors combine to make Antiope the utterly ideal character to help me better myself.
Training Spell
*This spell is specifically written using Antiope as a workout trainer because that’s how I’m using it.  Feel free to take the general shape of this spell and substitute a character that means something analogous for you and to reword it according to your own needs.
You will need:

  • 1 red candle
  • A representation of Antiope
  • A workout token - Something you will always have on you while working out (a water bottle or fitness tracker would be ideal)
  • Dragon’s blood or other fiery incense (optional)
  • Music (play the Wonder Woman soundtrack or other superhero music) (optional)

Take a moment to ground and center.  Start any music you’ll be playing.
Cast a circle if you wish.  Call upon the elements, deities, ancestors, or other entities you wish to work with as per your own practice.
Light the red candle.  Light the incense if you are using any.
Place your representation of Antiope and your workout token in front of you, next to the red candle.
Pass the representation of Antiope over the flame and through the incense smoke and speak the following:
Antiope, great General of the Amazons, hear me.
Mentor, beloved Aunt, pillar of strength, compassionate teacher, I ask for your aid. 
I wish to better myself. 
I am willing to commit myself to change and growth, but I need help.
I ask for your aid in my quest to improve my physical health;
to grow stronger in my body as well as my mind.
Help me to find the will to exercise regularly.
Inspire me to invest in my physical health.
Help me to grow strong of arm, of leg, and of core. 
Help me to find the strength of an Amazon; in body as well as heart.
Help me to persevere when I am tired,
to move forward when I am weary,
and to commit when I’d rather let go.
Help me to forgive myself when I fail and simply pick myself up again.
Help me to nourish my body with good and healthful things.
Help me to appreciate and celebrate my body and all it does for me.
Help me to care for myself in totality.
Antiope, be with me each day and help me to make better decisions.
Guide me to become my best self.
Pass the workout token over the flame and through the incense smoke and say:
General Antiope, be with me and guide my workouts.
As I [wear/carry] this [workout token], so will you be with me.
Motivate, guide, and protect me as I workout.
Push me hard enough to improve.
Let me rest when needed to prevent injury or overwork.
Guide me to embrace my inner Amazon.
Set down your workout token and say:
I thank you for joining me General.
Be with me moving forward.
Guide me to become my best self.
So mote it be.
Let the incense burn and extinguish the candle (you can burn it again later when you need a motivational boost).
Thank and dismiss any entities you’ve called.  Dispell your circle if you’ve cast one.
Go and workout!

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Emily Carlin is an eclectic witch, attorney, and mediator, based in Seattle, Washington. She works extensively with the Crone and her specialties are shadow magick, defensive magick, and pop culture magick.


  • turtlex
    turtlex Tuesday, 13 June 2017

    This is wonderful. Thank you.

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