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5 Must Have Magickal Apps

Posted by on in Paths Blogs

The best magickal tool is the one you have on hand when you need it.  I own wands, swords, athames, censers, candles, and all the other accoutrement one might expect of a witch, but what is the tool I use most often?  My phone.  Why?  Because I always have it on me, unlike the vast array of traditional tools that live at home on my altar.  Here are my top five most frequently used magickal apps, in no particular order.

1. Kindle.  Thanks to cloud based storage I have access to my entire digital library anytime, anywhere I have cell signal.  I frequently use my Kindle app to look up references from spell books, herbal formularies, and field guides.  If you’re out and about in the world and need to look up correspondences, herbal contraindications, or who’s who in the witchy world then this app is invaluable.  Unfortunately, a lot of the best magickal books aren’t available digitally yet, so it’s no substitute for a proper library.


2. Brian Froud’s Heart of Faerie Oracle.  While there’s no substitute for a long owned and well charged divination tool, this app does its best.  Sometimes you just don’t have time to pull out your cards, runes, pendulum, etc., and do a full reading.  A good divination app is a quick and discreet way to do a reading for yourself or others when out in public or on the go.  The number of times I’ve been pondering a problem while on the bus and the pulled out my phone to get a little more insight is too high to track.  I can’t do a full spread tarot reading on the bus, but I can tap my phone a few times with no one around me being any the wiser. 

While there are lots of divination apps out there, the Heart of Faerie Oracle is one of my favorites because of the beautiful imagery (I have the paper deck at home) and the ways you pick your cards.  For any given divination the app prompts you to think of your question and then gives you three options for readings: single card, three card, or “Let theFaeries Decide.”  For the single and three card readings you choose your card from a face down deck, and for the “Let the Faeries Decide” option the app automatically chooses a single card for you.  I almost always go with the latter option and the answers I get are generally quite good.  I love this app.

3. Hours - Planetary Hours Calculator.  This is an app I use constantly when doing spellwork.  I’m not very good with astrology and don’t really pay much attention to it.  The one exception is that I do like to do spellwork in the planetary hour with the most favorable correspondence.  This little app takes all the guesswork out of figuring the correct planetary hours, as it will calculate them for you using your GPS coordinates to ensure the most accurate results for your current timezone.  I love not having to look things up in big tables and then convert them from Greenwich Mean Time.  With this you just open the app and get exactly the information you need.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Photo-Sep-27-10-05-23-AM.png4. iLuna.  This is a super simple app for tracking the phases of the moon.  Want to know the precise moment of the full moon in your local time?  This app will tell you.  I particularly like that it tells you what phase the moon is in, when it will move to the next phase, what that next phase is, and when the moon is void of course.  Once again, I love not having to look things up in huge tables and then convert all the time zones.  Simplicity can be a beautiful thing.

5. Fortune Ball.  Ok, yes, this is a Magic 8 Ball app. Yes, the silly toy I had in the sixth grade.  If I’m honest, this is actually the app I use most frequently for making decisions.  I use this app for everything from decided whether to purchase a rare occult book to choosing what to have for dinner.  When logical evaluation of a situation just doesn’t give you a clear yes or no answer this app is extremely helpful.  It’s essentially an electronic pendulum in the guise of a toy and I’ve found it to be consistently useful.  It’s easy, discreet, and genuinely helpful if you use it the way you would any other divinatory tool. 

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Emily Carlin is an eclectic witch, attorney, and mediator, based in Seattle, Washington. She works extensively with the Crone and her specialties are shadow magick, defensive magick, and pop culture magick.


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