It is so amazing watching a vision become real.  And in our case, it starts in the dirt.  The place has been chosen and cleared for the Goddess Samona’s Shrine.

Goddess Samona’s Shrine foundation

The hole has been dug.

Digging the hole of the Shrine

And finished.

Foundation of Shrine

As you can see, this Shrine will be more square than Cernunnos’ Shrine.  It is more work to cut bricks diagonally than to just place them square so we went with a simpler design.  The plan for Bridget’s Shrine, at this time, is to be round with pillars….

Revisiting the idea of granting sovereignty, at White Mountain Druid Sanctuary we imagine Lugh as the King of the (Celtic) Gods, and during the Lughnasadh ritual, Samona formally grants Lugh sovereignty over the land.  There were some traditions that included eating horse meat so we have a small horse made of bread and a spear.  One person holds the horse, the other holds the spear and then the horse is pierced with the spear as our “sacrifice” in the ritual.   In this way, we tie the ancient European Celtic religions to our land here in Washington state with the local Goddesses’ permission.  


Site of the Goddess Samona’s Shrine

As well as getting excited about digging in dirt, we also get excited about brick.  In our next blog, we’ll see the walls go up.

Bricks for Samona’s Shrine

We could use your help!  Bricks cost money.  If our vision inspires you, please donate at