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White Mountain Druid Sanctuary (WMDS) is a Druid inspired Pagan site in Trout Lake, Washington. This blog describes the planning and creation of the Stone Circle, Shrines and physical surroundings that are being built there.

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Lugh Shrine

The Shrine to Lugh stands on the east side of the Stone Circle.  He is an Irish God associated with the Sun and his Shrine rests right up against the back of the Sanctuary.


Shrine to Lugh


There is a round window looking out of the Sanctuary, facing west.  This window looks right through the middle of Lugh’s Shrine and appears as the sun in the artwork.


Close up of artwork on Shrine to Lugh


The middle panel here shows the sun and window.  The left panel shows Lugh lifting a giant rock requiring extraordinary strength - this feat was part of a series of tasks that earned him admittance into the Tuatha De Dannan.  The right panel shows Lugh using a spear to vanquish the giant Balor who had one terrible, poisonous eye.  


This particular Shrine is made all from wood.  It is different from the others in that it stands partially sheltered by the Sanctuary.  One must actually walk through the Stone Circle to approach it.  Just this fall, Kirk added a granite counter for the little shelf that holds the incense and offerings.


Lugh’s offering area


He added the shelf when installing the same sort of shelf for the Cernunnos Shrine currently being built.


Lugh’s Shrine has a fire altar and a bench for meditation like the other Shrines at White Mountain Druid Sanctuary.  As we have been building the latest Shrine to Cernunnos, we have made several offerings to Lugh because he is known as being “many-skilled.”  As Kirk has learned to build the Cernunnos Shrine himself (and as he has lifted many heavy concrete blocks), we have asked for lots of strength and guidance :)


As with all the Shrines, walkways, and structures at White Mountain Druid Sanctuary, Lugh’s Shrine is meant to be a place for each person to have their own unique encounter and communication with the God.  Whether to be thankful, or make requests, or just be infused with the awe and wonder of the Kindreds, White Mountain Druid Sanctuary exists for these experiences.  Even if you are just fascinated by the myth and history of the ancient Indo-Europeans, this is a modern place where you can pay your respects to the multitude of Ancestors who brought us all to this moment in time.


Next time:  The building of the Cernunnos Shrine.

Cernunnos Shrine, fall 2016 right before the snows started

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We are Cascadia Grove of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF). Our local Grove serves the Puget Sound area. We meet 8 times a year to celebrate the equinoxes, solstices and the cross quarter days (including Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, and Samhain). We also support the planning and building of White Mountain Druid Sanctuary in Trout Lake WA.


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