Path around the Stone Circle with a view of the Taranis pillar and Cernunnos Shrine

Before we look at the latest on the Cernunnos Shrine, let’s take a walk to the left and around back of the Shrine.  The path shown below leads to the Nature Spirits area (although, really, the whole world is their area).  

Cernunnos Shrine with path to Nature Spirits area

The arch over the path has bells that hang down.  There is a small shrine to light incense and a bench to the right where I have spent afternoons watching the birds fly in and out of the bird houses.  

Nature Spirits shrine and area

Just past the bench and behind the Cernunnos Shrine is a short meditation walk.  I’ll get a better picture of that when the snows melt.  It is appropriate that Cernunnos’ Shrine would be surrounded by the Nature Spirit’s walk because he is a God of the Forest.

The view when turning back from the Nature Spirit’s shrine.  Cernunnos Shrine is on the left.  The Stone Circle is beyond the arch.

Moving forward in time a bit, the snows have melted at Trout Lake Abbey and we’ve gotten some artwork hung up for Cernunnos.


First piece of artwork displayed, Spring 2017.  The small flags indicate places for engraved bricks.


Kirk also got some antlers mounted on the top corners of the front and back of the Shrine.


Antlers on front of Cernunnos Shrine, Spring 2017


Antlers on back of Shrine with Cernunnos plaque.  This is visible from the Nature Spirit’s walk and will get more artwork with time.  To the left, one can see the edge of the Labyrinth.


So far, Kirk has built most of White Mountain Druid Sanctuary with his own money.  However that supply is not endless and the Sanctuary will be more powerful with many people contributing.  We want the Kindreds to know that this is labor of love for a whole community of people and so feel honored by us.  If you are so moved, please visit our patreon page to contribute any amount. If you purchase a brick perk by May 15th, we can get your engraved brick in the ground by the Dedication Ceremony during the Eight Winds Festival in mid July.


And please visit!!  People visiting and honoring the Kindreds is the whole purpose for building White Mountain Druid Sanctuary.