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Paths Blogs

Specific paths such as Heathenism, blended traditions, polytheist reconstructionism, etc.

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The Sanctuary and Taranis

For this blog post, I’m going to talk about two parts of the White Mountain Druid Sanctuary complex (located in Trout Lake, WA) in more detail.  The entire site is called White Mountain Druid Sanctuary, but then on the site is a building called The Sanctuary.  It was actually here before Kirk Thomas started manifesting his vision of the Stone Circle and all that has followed.  

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The Art of #WeAreAradia

What is #WeAreAradia? 

As I wrote over here, #WeAreAradia says we don’t need a savior, or one voice to save us.  We need to save ourselves, we need to be the teachers.  We need to be the learners and the guides. We need to be the Witches.  It’s a call to stand up for your beliefs.  A message, a call to action to build and use your practices to protect and to empower everyone who needs it. I would like to also note that this is a call across traditions, genders, colors, creeds, ages, and abilities.  We can revel in and honor diversity – AND bring everyone up together.

And as Storm beautifully says here:  #WeAreAradia is a call to action for witches and warlocks everywhere: Stand up. Speak out. Cast proud. We offer whatever magic we can to the cause of freedom and resistance to tyranny. Some of us are healers. Others are artists. Some are diviners. Still others are warriors. Aradia wasn’t teaching us how to enable our oppressors, but how to defeat them. It will take all of our skills together in order to survive what comes next, if we pay attention to what history has taught us. I believe that the time has come for witches to remember our history. Dark times require dark arts.

It's inspired me to create some artwork as well as right a new charge to inspire.  Keep an eye out for more artwork soon.  

The Charge of the New Aradia
When sense and world has parted ways,
Whenever need is great and dire
In brightest sun or moon’s dark phase
Bring forth will to light the fire.
Send down the roots, raise up your arms,
Call forth spirit, summon its charms
With wand and cauldron, stang and knife,
With cloak and horn and lore of wife
Build your wisdom and bide your time
In eyes of heart, and blood sweet wine.
In city and wood gather still
To protect and guide with our will.
Now is the time to heed the call
Witches together one and all.
In our truth, we know the power,
That our voice brings down the tower.
To banish, cleanse, bless, heal, and guide
With our secrets and sabbat ride.
It’s the hour to change the tides
For now as witches we all rise!

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Time Magic - Enchanting Each Moment

Time. We are all bound by it. There are just so many moments in each day. Those moments expand into the years that make up our lifetime but, eventually, time runs out. At some point in the far distant future, even our bright sun will find, not withstanding The Rolling Stones declaration to the contrary, that time is not, in fact, on our side.

Over the past few years, I've been at several workshops and retreats where Time has been invoked as a ally. The idea being that Time would work with us for the duration of the event. There would be the perfect amount of time to eat and do magic and shower and get from here to there without feeling rushed. We would honour Time and, in return, Time would consent to move just a bit more slowly or not at all or, at the very least, time would amble along at a leisurely pace keeping in harmony with our activities.

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    Dragon Dancer - I think I might have to contact Thomas Moore's agent and ask for a commission Thank you so much for your kind co
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    This is absolutely amazing. I love your suggestions, the experiences you've had, and before writing this, I popped over to Amazon

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Claim Your Power

I know I've been quiet over here - really got leveled by a nasty cold that wouldn't go away, then as soon as I could, I was back in the studio making artwork and finishing the first draft of my second book, Sigil Witchery.  I'll be sharing with you some insights into the artwork I made recently, but for now, I wanted to share a new colored variation of the Power Sigil.  

To read more about it, please visit this blog post - which will also get you back to the original post on the Power Sigil.  You can also read about the Power Sigil more in this blog's archives.  This version follows all of the same protocol I released on the original one - so you can save it, print it out, tattoo it, making cross-stitch of it, etc - as long as you don't use it in such a way to make money off of it. Thank you! 

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The Sacral Scarf: Minoan Symbolism

A while back, I shared some information about some snake-like sacred knots in Minoan art that may or may not have anything to do with the tet knot associated with Isis in Egyptian symbology. There's another "sacred knot" found in Minoan art that's very different, made from a length of fabric that's loosely looped and knotted. Scholars often lump it in with the other sacred knots, but it's not the same. Those of us who practice Modern Minoan Paganism have taken to calling this object the sacral scarf to differentiate it from the knots made of cord or rope.

Some time ago I offered a few thoughts about the sacral scarf. Since then several of us in Ariadne's Tribe have worked with the sacral scarf and have come up with some ideas about what it represents and how we can use it in ritual to connect with the divine. First of all, from the artwork we can clearly see that this is a length of woven fabric, fringed on the ends and knotted with a loop:

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Let the wind blow magic your way...

Let the wind blow magic your way...

The power of the wind is mighty and can be used for all sorts of spell work because not only is the wind refreshing, cleansing, purifying and full of the energy to aid with clearing out all kinds of unwanted baggage it can also be used differently depending on what direction the wind is coming from.

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