Nope, there's no Red Cups in this installment of the PaganNewsBeagle. (Sorry, Starbucks lovers/haters!)

Instead we examine religious rights as they impact: Christianity in a public high school (and at football games); a Texas homeschooling family; a religious right to not carry photo ID; and male genital mutilation (aka infant circumcision).

Students in a Louisiana high school tell a Slate reporter that Christianity is being forced upon them at school; teachers deny the report.

Does an Amish man's religious rights mean he doesn't have to show photo ID to purchase a gun?

Officials in Washington state put Joe Kennedy on paid administrative leave because he ignored orders to stop overt religious displays on the field. Should his prayers on the field be banned or upheld?

Should homeschooling Christian parents be allowed to withhold education from their children because they believe the Rapture is imminent? That’s a question the Texas Supreme Court will be deciding very soon.

Which comes first: religious rights (in this case, Abrahamic faith's requirement to circumcise infant males) or the rights of boys to genital integrity? This story makes the case for stopping the practice.