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Welcome and Let’s Learn About Lilith in Astrology

Welcome to my first column on PaganSquare! First, a little about me. I have been a practicing professional psychic and astrologer since 1978. I have been a professional freelance writer and photographer since 1981 and I am the author of Psycards—A New Alternative to Tarot and am the current CEO of Psycards USA. In this blog we will explore a wide range of topics of spiritual, paranormal, pagan, etc., interest. I am interested in many paths and ways to experience Spirit in my daily life. If you have questions or are curious about anything mystical, metaphysical or magical, please email your questions to me at cattfoy@gmail.comand I will try to answer all requests in future postings.

This week, I would like to share some information on understanding the placement of Lilith in a birth chart.

Lilith: The Dark Moon in Astrology.”

She is reputedly Adam’s first wife, before Eve. She is known as a demoness, the killer of infants in their cradles. She is the original woman, who refused to be subjugated to a man’s desires. Consort to both the Devil and God Himself, she is the enigmatic and mysterious Lilith.

A little-known element in astrology charts, Lilith is known as the “dark Moon” and, as such, represents our “dark” or hidden emotional selves. According to Lois Daton, the physical existence of Lilith was confirmed by the United States Weather Bureau in 1879. Lilith is the name used for two difference celestial bodies — one is located in the asteroid belt, the other is an invisible body orbiting the earth approximately three times farther away than the Moon, Luna.

Lilith’s placement in the chart is especially important to women, and represents the power of the original woman. In a man’s chart, Lilith’s placement will reveal the hidden power struggles or other issues he may have, resolved or unresolved, with the women in his life.

Lilith was known to the Chaldean astrologers; the Egyptians called her Nephthys. The name Lilith is derived from the old Semitic word for night, “lel” or “lelath,” in Arabic “Laylah,” which also means “ghost” or “spectre” in Hebrew. She is associated with the Death card in Tarot and with the goddesses Persephone, Hecate, Athena, Minerva. She is associated with the Owl, representing secrecy and wisdom, and she is frequently associated with cats.

Lilith is perhaps best understood in contrast to her counterpart, the visible Moon, Luna. Luna receives her self-fulfillment and self-definition through the nurturing of others. Lilith is self-fulfilled and self-defined. Luna represents the visible emotions; Lilith, those emotions which remain hidden or secret. Lilith lives behind-the scenes, usually undetected. She can be sneaky or deceptive, but she can also indicate our ability to be subtle, to guide and manage events and people without being intrusive. She is our ability to be private, and her placement in the chart will tell you what the native feels most secretive about. As a Moon, Lilith is also associated with mothering, but she is the strength of a mother protecting her cubs. Luna is soft and kind and nurturing. Lilith is strong, a disciplinarian, and will kill any who threaten the well-being of her offspring. Lilith is protective and self-protective. She protects herself from her own toxic emotions, becoming the guardian of shame, guilt, hatred, vengefulness, bitterness, envy, jealousy. We look for Lilith in our charts to discover which defense mechanisms we employ to hide our wounding. She is all the femme fatales — the sexually powerful women of the world. She affects dreams, especially sexual ones, and is an influence in trances, hypnotism, the channeling of entities and interdimensional beings, and possession.

So look to where Lilith falls in your chart, and the aspects she makes to the other planets, and you can gain a greater understanding of your own hidden emotional power.

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Catt Foy has been a professional psychic and astrologer since 1978 and a freelance writer and photographer since 1981.  She is the author of Psycards: An Oracle of Archetypes, Rune Stones & Their Interpretations, and the novel Bartleby:  A Scrivener's Tale.  She holds an MA from Western Illinois University and an MFA in Fiction from Spalding University, and is currently Queen (CEO) of Psycards USA.  Catt likes to garden, paint, and make jewelry, and is currently working on several other novels.  Catt is also an ordained minister and certified hypnotherapist specializing in past-life regression.


  • Klara Adalena
    Klara Adalena Saturday, 09 August 2014

    Thank you Catt! Lilith is calling us to connect to what is underground. I also have a blog on Lilith, which shares more about how Lilith changed astrology for good, and what she tells us about where we are going in terms of relationships between women and men, soul and ego:


    shiver and enjoy!

  • Orlando
    Orlando Sunday, 10 August 2014

    Your timing on this article is absolutely impeccable. Considering I have been going round and round and round with certain, I'm not exactly sure how to put it, energies or entities my entire life. Male and female. But over the past couple of weeks it has been Pandora...and considering a druid, that I was in a relationship with a long time ago told me, long ago, something about this which I didn't quite understand and the time and now is really throwing me for a loop. The information that I have gathered from your article seems to fill in a lot empty spaces for me but not quite enough. I also feel obligated in some way to get some thing done but I am not sure what it is. I am not sure how in depth I should get with you here, but I would love to talk to you more. Catt thank you very much.

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