When you harvest most items, there’s always something you discard whether it’s the vines or the stalks.  I’ve been seeing all these ads about summer only has so many weekends and it is coming to a close.

It’s made me think of what I’m harvesting from my summer.  What have I accomplished this summer?  What do I need to keep in my life and keep going with?  What do I need to let go of?  

This summer has been so busy for me.  I’ve been writing a lot and finished three full length novels, some short stories, and crochet patterns.  I’ve finished a bunch of crocheting though this has been difficult with the problems with my arthritis and pain.  I’ve also gone on two vacations – one small and one longer.  As well, we had a busy July with lots of social things to deal with.  

There are all sorts of things I’m keeping – continuing with my writing and crocheting.  The vacations and social events were a great reminder of my connections with different people and how much they mean to me.  

What is my chaff for my harvest this year?  Stress.  It’s interesting how stressed out I get having to go to social events.  Part of my stress is due to my handicap – will I be able to get around?  Will the bathrooms be accessible?  These types of questions cause me anxiety when I’m going to a new place.  Yes, most places are supposed to be handicap accessible but they aren’t always.  

Also, I’ve had a lot more pain this summer with the loss of my scooter.  I’ve had to use a manual wheel chair to get around.  This has aggravated my arthritis in my upper body causing more pain.  As well as being aggravated by the stress of working with my insurance and DVR (a government agency which helps handicapped people stay employed).  

My chaff this harvest is going to be the stress.  I worry too much and trust too little.  I need to remember I always have backup plans and am good at finding options.

For the stress, I will spend some time doing something specifically for me – crocheting, sitting on my deck enjoying the cooler weather (if it ever gets here).  Letting go of the anger and annoyance and negativity brought on by dealing with bureaucracies will be a first step.  

There’s a mediation I’ve done where the imagery is to see yourself being cleansed and with each exhalation water or sand drops away from you.  I’ve been doing this almost daily in an effort to destress and have faith things will work out.  It’s helped to keep me centered and balanced.  When you’re done, the goal is to release the stress like the water or sand falling off you.  

To be honest, this has only had minimal effect because I’ve been dealing with weeks of feeling isolated with no scooter.  The manual wheelchair means someone has to push me or if I push myself I end up in pain.  With this as my only option for getting around, I’d rather stay at home.  When I ordered my scooter I felt a large rock of stress drop away from me.

The scooter arrived yesterday which now affords me the freedom to go where I want.  Having a new scooter means I have less to worry about since the old scooter was to a point where it worked sporadically.  

Having the scooter helps me feel more independent and free.  It lifts the sense of being a burden to those around me.  It makes it easier for me to face the social situations because I’m able to move from point a to point b on my own.  

My chaff for this harvest – stress and anxiety.  I’m going to shed them like a waterfall for this harvest.  I’m going to let go and trust more (hopefully).  What will you let go of in the coming harvest?