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Forget Resolutions. Use Intentions! – New Beginnings with the Major Arcana of Tarot

Card images used in this article are from the exciting new Midcenturian Tarot by Madam Clara. Visit her Etsy shop here to snag your very own copy.

Tarot can be used for so much more than just divination. In fact, my favorite use of the cards is for focused intention and manifestation. Want to expand a particular energy in your life? Enhance an area? Invite more? Then consciously choose the card/s that represent whatever it is you want to attract; don’t rely on randomness or blind “Card of the Day” pulls to guess what it is you really want. (That’s a bit like wanting to make a specific recipe, going into a grocery store blindfolded and then pulling things off the shelves for your order!).

As we start a New Year, many of us are thinking of what has passed away—and what is to come. If you’d like to jumpstart a new beginning, here are twenty-two Tarot cards to help initiate your journey. Grab your favorite deck and pull out the Major Arcana cards (0-22). You can place the card/s on your altar, stick on your fridge with a magnet, keep it in your wallet, create a desktop wallpaper or screensaver with it—whatever helps with your specific focus and intentions. Selected cards can also be used for spellwork and rituals.

Mid Fool 400The Fool – This is the New Beginnings card of the Tarot. You can use The Fool (or your deck’s equivalent) as a type of Significator (or focus card) in addition to any extra cards you select from a deck. Use For: Enhancing Spontaneity; Taking a Risk; Enjoying Silliness; Promoting Lightheartedness; Seizing the Day; Claiming a Blank Slate; Starting Over

Mid Mag 400The MagicianUse For: Bringing a Project to Life; Catalyzing; Unleashing Creativity; Mesmerizing; Enhancing Communication; Applying All Your Gifts and Skills; Channeling Power; Using All Tools Available to You

Mid HP 400The High PriestessUse For: Keeping Secrets; Hearing Internal Guidance; Understanding Esoteric Texts and Teachings; Knowing Yourself; Prophecy and Divination; Accessing Hidden Knowledge; Silencing

Mid Empress 400The EmpressUse For: Attracting Abundance; Nurturing Creative Projects; Promoting Fertility; Enhancing Beauty; Facilitating Pregnancy; Help with Motherhood; Planting and Cultivating; Honoring the Goddess; Celebrating Ostara

Mid Emperor 400The EmperorUse For: Creating Boundaries; Governing Your Own Life; Help with Authority Figures; Navigating Bureaucracy and Red Tape; Enforcing Limits; Organizing; Facilitating Order; Promoting Leadership; Honoring the God

Mid Hiero 400The HierophantUse For: Honoring Timeless Wisdom; Creating New Traditions; Celebrating Heritage; Affirming a Culture; Commemorating Customs; Enrolling in a New School or Coursework; Navigating Religion; Ordinations

Mid Lovers 400The LoversUse For: Encouraging Commitment; Fulfilling Promises and Contracts; Consummation; Completing Resolutions; Making Proposals; Commemorating Marriage; Increasing Devotion; Celebrating Beltane

Mid Chariot 400The Chariot Use For: Focusing Your Will; Busting Through Obstacles; Forward Movement; Help with Vehicles; Staying on Track; Gaining Momentum; Boosting Propulsion; Aid in Transportation

Mid Strength 400StrengthUse For: Grace Under Pressure; Quiet Courage; Mastering Base Instincts; Overcoming Ego; Enhancing Finesse; Promoting Confidence; Increasing Awareness of Surroundings; Using Restraint; Celebrating Litha

Hermit Mid 400The HermitUse For: Solitary Practices and Living; Independent Study; Following Your Own Path; Self-Reliance; Researching; Maintaining Individualism; Enhancing Asceticism; Contemplation; Celebrating Yule

Mid Wheel 400Wheel of FortuneUse For: Dealing with Life’s Ups and Downs; Increasing Luck; Enhancing Wins from Gambling; Coping with Vertigo; Handling the Unexpected; Trusting Fate; Allowing for Randomness; Celebrating Lammas

Mid Justice 400JusticeUse For: Court Cases; Legal Matters; Encouraging Fairness; Promoting Social Justice; Help with Weighing Matters Objectively; Balancing the Letter of the Law with the Spirit of the Law

Mid Hanged 400Hanged ManUse For: Patience; Waiting for Something; Handling Standstills; Dealing with Suspensions; Enhancing Unusual Perspectives; Promoting New Ways of Seeing and Being; When Needing to Make a Sacrifice

Mid Death 400DeathUse For: Dealing with Changing; Saying Goodbye; Passings; Transformations; Transitions; Allowing Something to Die; Endings; Burying; Funerals; Hospice Work; Celebrating Samhain

Mid Temp 400TemperanceUse For: Encouraging Moderation; Starting and Maintaining Sobriety; Walking a Middle Path; Avoiding Extremes; Alchemy; Being the Change You Want to See; Advocating Tolerance; Celebrating Mabon

Mid Devil 400The DevilUse For: Dealing with Imprisonment; Escaping Bondage; Overcoming Habits and Addictions; Avoiding Co-Dependence; Confronting Your Shadow; Facing Your Demons; Handling Misplaced Values and Trust

Mid Tower 400The TowerUse For: Navigating Upheaval; Coping with Catastrophe; Managing Unpleasant Surprises; Deconstruction; Getting Rid of Beliefs that No Longer Serve You; Dealing with Accidents; Assessing Faulty Foundations

Mid Star 400The StarUse For: Making Wishes; Hoping for the Best; Promoting Optimism; Encouraging Wonderment; Enhancing Positivity; Contacting Extraterrestrials; Navigating the Future; Enchantment; Transcendence

Mid Moon 400The MoonUse For: Enhancing Lucid Dreaming; Promoting Mystery; Handling Hormonal Changes; Navigating Mood Swings; Understanding What’s Hidden; Communication with Water Spirits; Supporting Ocean Life; Decoding Symbols

Mid Sun 400The SunUse For: Strutting Your Stuff; Exuding Charisma; Encouraging Children; Dealing with Idolatry (Light Projection); Claiming Your Awesomeness; Increasing Your Energy; Help with SAD; Publicity; Celebrating Imbolc

Mid Judge 400JudgementUse For: Discovering, Hearing and Heeding Your Soul’s Calling; Tapping into Your Higher Purpose; Issues of Sowing and Reaping; Dealing with Karma; Working with Angels; Help with Walking Your Talk; Wake up Calls

Mid World 400The WorldUse For: Embracing Wholeness; Celebrating Completion; Finishing Things; Promoting Unity and Brotherhood; Integrating Lessons Learned; Self-Actualization; Final Attainment; Fulfillment; A Global Perspective

What cards hold the strongest pull for you this New Year? Which ones have you used in the past for intention and manifestation? Please share your choices and experiences in the comment section below...and Happy New Year! -- Janet

Another great tool for focusing on what you want to attract and enhance? Affirmations! See my post Affirmations with the Tarot: Using the Power of Imagery and Symbols to Create the Life You Want to find out how.

Wonder which Tarot cards deal with Beginnings? Check out my blog post here

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Janet Boyer is the author of Back in Time Tarot (Hampton Roads), Tarot in Reverse (Schiffer Publishing) and Naked Tarot: Sassy, Stripped-Down Advice (Dodona Books). She's the co-creator (with her husband, artist Ron Boyer) of the Snowland Deck and Coffee Tarot, and authored both companion books to those decks. A Renaissance Soul, she is also an award-winning cook, mixed media artist, jewelry artisan and journal maker. Next to creating, her favorite thing to do is spend time with her beloved husband, son and 5 cats at her rural home in Pennsylvania. Visit her at


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