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Diary of a Lokean mystic.

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Ritual Tech: A Month for Loki

As previously mentioned, my kindred is kicking around an idea for a shared ritual this July for Loki. Since people expressed an interest in this, I thought I'd post some simple ritual tech for this Working. We're keeping it simple, and using a variant on "Come to me in whatever form (or a specific form) and share with me whatever You choose."

ex: "Loki shapechanger, Loki Witchfather, Loki Mother of Monsters, come to me as You like; share with me whatever you please. Come to me in love, as I love You." (or honor, or other verbiage that suits your relationship with Him)

Or "Freyr, Lord of Elves, You Who are Love and Lust, Father of Kings and Queens, come to me as Sovereign, You Who are Sacred King of this land and many others..."

We settled on this incantation so that we'd have a common thread to give the Working more umph, while leaving it open enough for personal customization. It's usable as a lead in to meditation or dream work, or it could be done as a simple prayer so that even if someone doesn't do audio or visual godphoning, they could still use it to receive signs and omens, shufflemancy, or the like.

And again, this is to open up new facets of Him that may or may not be known already; in devotional polytheism we talk a lot about how each devotee offers something special to their Deity, that there's some facet of the Deity that the person can understand that another devotee can't. It's their own personal Mystery. What if the Deity gives you a new name for Themselves?

Odin has over 300 names, y'all. Just sayin'. My point is that in the quest for discernment, sometimes we work too hard to make things fit what we think we know. Hel, even in planning this Working, I've gotten some things out of Loki that I've never seen before, or not exactly in the way that I would have expected. It is really hard not to pick at it and try and figure out what does it mean? But the point of this is not to make it fit, it's to let experiences happen and absorb them. That could mean a reinterpretation of something from the Lore. It could mean a new facet of Him entirely. The point of this (for me) is to let Loki express Himself in whatever manner He sees fit. Letting our Deities be Themselves is a gift, both to Them and to ourselves.

To that end, I'm going to do this devotion daily during July, and I'm going to keep a journal of what I experience, and I may share it here as appropriate. Some Mysteries are more private than others. I hope others will do the same. If you're not Lokean, perhaps you could share this devotion with your Spirits instead?

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Lokean nun, writer, swamp witch. Heather is a Pagan monastic, writer, editor, and mother. She has written and edited for a variety of publications and social media, including science journals, romance novels, and technology blogs. She also holds degrees in education and speech-language pathology, and has a passion for historical linguistics.


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