While many plants have faded or died, evergreens live up to their name and this is their time of year to shine. With sacred trees, mistletoe, and other plants taken into the home, it is no accident that this is such a magical time of year. When working with evergreen trees, it’s important to use branches, cones, and needles from the right tree, so you need to know the difference between a pine and a fir and a spruce. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a botanist to tell them apart; the cones and needles give us clues.

Evergreen Cones
Pine: Hang pointing down and are rigid with woody scales.
Spruce: Hang pointing down but are flexible.
Fir: Stand upright on the branches.

Evergreen Needles
Pine: Grow in clusters.
Spruce: Grow individually and can be easily rolled between the fingers.
Fir: Grow individually, are flat, and not easy to roll between the fingers.

Magic with Pine Trees
Pine is well known for its purification properties and for banishing negative energy. It is especially effective for clearing and sanctifying public spaces. Pine is also ally for defensive magic and for protection from hexes, especially for the home. Burn a few dried needles for purification and protection purposes. The scent of pine can steady and focus the mind for psychic work and enhance communication with spirits. Use the cones in spells to banish or bind or use them to attract abundance. Spiritually, pine aids in healing, growth, and inspiration. This tree also helps access ancient wisdom. Carry a few pinecone scales to bolster confidence, especially when dealing with legal matters.

Magic with Spruce Trees
Burn spruce needles or pieces of bark to stimulate psychic abilities, especially for channeling. Spruce helps develop intuition, as well as the ability to discern when to act on it. Use the needles or cones to connect with the energy of forest spirits. Place a sprig of needles on your altar to aid in deepening spirituality or strengthening trust. After ritual or magic work, hold a spruce cone between your palms to ground and stabilize energy. Hang a spruce bough anywhere in the home for protection. The needles and cones can also be used to raise energy in healing circles. 

Magic with Fir Trees
Fir is a tree of beginnings, energy, growth, and healing. Burn a few fir needles for purification before ritual. Burn or hold a few needles for grounding energy after ritual or magic work. To foster clear communication or support creative expression, hold a few needles or a fir cone before engaging in related activities. As an all-purpose purifier, fir provides protection and helps overcome and remove hexes. The scent of fir heightens awareness for divination and spiritual work and is especially effective for connecting with forest spirits. Use fir needles or cones for money and prosperity spells, and for support during channeling.