America-watchers around the world must be shaking their heads and wondering what the flock is going on here.

For the last four years, the basic institutions of American democracy—the stability of which most of us (and let this be a lesson to us) have taken utterly for granted—have been systematically dismantled by a corrupt and honorless cadre of strongmen who care only for power at any price, backed by their dupe-army of fetus-worshipers and White Power, militias. For all their rhetoric, the Opposition are the ones now revealed as the true Haters of America.

Now, when the Super-spreader-in-Chief loses the election—which he will—some are predicting blood in the streets and, in essence, Civil War II.

Is America falling apart?

Well—for what it's worth—I, for one, don't think so. The fact that American checks and balances have survived the current mis-administration at all is a testimony to their institutional resilience, and to the creative brilliance which envisioned and created them in the first place.

Meanwhile, what do we do while waiting for trumpocalypse?

Well, we vote.

We talk One America.

We pray.

To Whom do we pray ?

Me, I'm a concrete thinker, and my gods are tangible gods: Earth, Sun, the Winds. I'm not much one for abstraction-gods, though my e-buddy Indo-Europeanist Ceisiwr Serith has done his best to convince me of the spiritual utility of gods of contracts and social stability, like Mithras. If you honor such gods, then for gods' sakes, ask them for grith—peace between communities—and smooth transition to a New Blue administration.

Me, I call to Earth for stability and the Sun—god of regular habits that he is—for regularity and life-giving routine.

My fellow pagan Americans, let us pray.

Let us pray for Sunrise in America.