Do you know what torques me off most* in contemporary depictions of the Horned God?

When the artist gets the legs wrong.

He's called the Thrice-Bent for a reason. In the arms, one bend. In the legs, two.

Check out the picture of the goat leg shown above. Note that the hind legs feature two bends: one pointing forward, one pointing back.

The forward bend is called the knee. The backward bend is called the hock.

When the Horned is shown with the rear legs of an animal (he isn't always), he should have both.

If you love the Horned well enough to depict him, you should love him well enough to look.

Three bends: Yan, tan, tethera. One, two, three.

Elbow, knee, hock.


*My other unfavorite kind of contemporary Horned God art are the ones in which he looks like the main love-interest on the cover of a romance novel. Ugh.