Years ago, I learned from my teacher the love-names of Earth and Sun.

By these names I know Them to this day.

What Their love-names to Themselves may be, we do not know. The names by which we know Them are born of our own relation.

I will not write the names here. They are no secret, but to know them is a changeful knowing.

Would you too know the love-names of Earth and Sun, of Horns and Moon?

Even there is a love-name for the Shadow, though Hers is a cold embrace. Gods help us, She too is Mother.

Let Tony himself tell you, here, if you will.

He always used to say that calling Them by name will change your relation.

It has for me.

So be told.


Above: Stone Circle, Swinside (Lake District)

“The most beautiful stone circle in Britain.” (Aubrey Burl)