I hear that out there in social media land there are pagans rejoicing in the Notre Dame fire as karmic retribution for the Catholic church's multitudinous misdeeds.

If so, shame.

Such smallness of heart would besmirch us all, not least those of us who would claim the name of Wise.

Some years back, some kids broke into the local Hindu temple and beheaded the murtis of the gods there.
The Sunday following, the local Lutheran churches took up a special collection to help buy new "idols" for the Hindus.

Now that's classy.

The judge sentenced the boys—they were all underage at the time—to X years of community service doing janitorial work at the temple that they'd desecrated.

Last summer, their term of service was up. The temple threw a big party for them.

That's how we do things in Paganistan.

There's been some discussion on the Covenant of the Goddess (CoG) line about an appropriate response to this cultural tragedy. Personally, I think that CoG should send some money to help with the rebuilding of the cathedral.

Witches Send Funds for Notre Dame Reconstruction.

How's that for a headline?