Paganistan: Notes from the Secret Commonwealth

In Which One Midwest Man-in-Black Confers, Converses & Otherwise Hob-Nobs with his Fellow Hob-Men (& -Women) Concerning the Sundry Ways of the Famed but Ill-Starred Tribe of Witches.

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If One Is Good...

The way I heard it, back in the 70s sometime, Z. Budapest and Herman Slater were arguing one day about which was the superior sex.

(Personally, I find it difficult to imagine the two of them so much as being in the same room together without generating some sort of rift in the time-space continuum. But that's how I heard it.)

Z opines that the Goddess has made women the superior sex because out of all animals, only the human female has an organ the sole purpose of which is to give pleasure.

Herman doesn't say anything. He just laughs, unbuttons his shirt, opens it, and begins to roll his eyes lasciviously while fondling both nipples.


Hey, don't look at me: I did not make this up. I did not.


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Poet, scholar and storyteller Steven Posch was raised in the hardwood forests of western Pennsylvania by white-tailed deer. (That's the story, anyway.) He emigrated to Paganistan in 1979 and by sheer dint of personality has become one of Lake Country's foremost men-in-black. He is current keeper of the Minnesota Ooser.


  • Mabnahash
    Mabnahash Thursday, 12 June 2014

    You do know the story about how Tiresias got his gift of prophecy? Juno and Jupiter were having an argument about whether sex was better as a man or as a woman, both of course convinced the other had it better. To settle the matter, they asked Tiresias, since he was the only person who'd had it both ways. See, he'd been walking in the woods one day and had come across two snakes twining in a tree. He tapped them with his staff, and instantly turned into a woman! Years later, she came across them again in the same wood, gave them another poke, and became a man again. When reported to the gods that it was undoubtedly better for women, this angered Juno so much that she struck him blind. Jupiter felt a bit badly about that, but since gods can't undo one another's deeds, he gave Tiresias his gift of prophetic insight to make up for the loss of his eyes.

    I think he should have just turned him back into a woman.

  • Steven Posch
    Steven Posch Saturday, 14 June 2014

    I've always wondered about those mating snakes and whether there was any connection to the caduceus. That they were "twining" in a *tree* makes it even more interesting. Is that from Ovid, do you know?

  • Lady Pythia
    Lady Pythia Friday, 22 August 2014

    MM, Steve! Long time...

    Yes, Z and Herman had it out, and I had a front row seat at the huge PanPagan, 1979 or thereabouts. It wasn't pretty. I have my issues with Z, in that she ripped off and watered down Traditional Craft, as if women could't handle some internal polarity work. Never gave Doreen credit for part of The Charge, among other things, either.
    Btw, that confrontation was pretty much a stalemate...what a surprise, right?

    Watching Gwydion sing was more inspirational, and when he asked me to Priestess his Faerie Shaman workshop, I was delighted...held Witches in my arms under the tree canopy, including a male you remember?

    Lady Pythia

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