Even in a community as richly endowed with characters as Paganistan, my dear friend “Granny” Ro Nicburne stands out.

At Twin Cities Pagan Pride last fall, she set up a shingle.

Ask an Elder

Free Advice

(And Worth What You Pay)

All day long, she fielded questions.

Some—from wise-asses like me—were joke questions. To these, she replied with the answers they deserved. Nobody does wry like Granny.

But there were real questions, too. If you build the candy cottage, the kiddies will come.

Some were informational or practical in nature. To these, she tendered such counsel as a thoughtful elder with decades of experience has to offer.

Some were serious personal questions, for real life situations.

To these, she gave the same kind of sage (if quirky) advice that she's been giving me for years.*

I hear that she'll be setting up again at this spring's Paganicon. If so, you may want to stop on by.

Goddess knows, a good oracle is hard to find.


*The last year that I went back East over summer break, she wrote me to say: "Get back here where you belong."

She was right. I did, and I'm still here, nearly 40-odd years later.