Are there pagans on other planets?

For now, of course, there's no way to know. But my guess would be: Yes, there probably are. Wherever there is intelligent life, there will be pagans.

In fact, I'd be willing to go even farther. Since the Old Gods, the great Powers that give rise to, and sustain, life will necessarily (so far as we know) be constant from planet to planet, I suspect that the paganisms of the extraterrestrials may well bear something of a family resemblance to our own.

Earth is at the center of all the paganisms that we know, and pagans of other planets will have their own Earths. Like us, they will know a Sun (or Suns) and Moon (or Moons). One wonders what manner of mythologies might arise on planets with multiple Suns and Moons.


On any rotating planet with an atmosphere, there will be Winds, and hence weather. Likely Storm will figure large in extraterrestrial pantheons as he does in those on Earth. Planets with Seas will know that power as well.

If we may speak of the collective plant life of planet Earth as the Green God, then he will exist on any planet where there is plant life. And where there's plant life, there will be Fire.

Likewise, if we may speak of the collective animal life of planet Earth as the Red God—him that we call the Horned—then he will have brothers (or other selves) on planets on which animal life exists.

Any planet that revolves around a Sun will have solstices and equinoxes, and seasons as well. So extraterrestrial pagans may well know a Wheel of the Year, just as we do.

Exotheology is the name given to “the examination of theological issues as they pertain to extraterrestrial intelligence.”

For some of Earth's children, exotheology can pose major theological difficulties.

But for pagans, it's really no problem.

No problem at all.