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Exploring Pagans and their relationship with that earthiest of earth symbols, money.

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Pagan savings challenge, week thirty-three: the double-edged sword

One of the reasons so may thoughtful people -- including quite a few Pagans -- are reticent to use money money is because it's such an effective tool of war.  Money can be used to house, equip, and pay military personnel; it's also the primary weapon of economic sanctions and in trade wars.  Could there be war without money?  Of course.  A more hopeful question to ask is, "Can there be money without war?"

What makes money so powerful and so dangerous is the fact that it can be wielded by anyone, for any purpose.  Indeed, the world we live in was largely shaped by our collective-yet-undirected use of money.  When we spend to fill a desire, but not with a spiritual intent, the results we seek are often tied to consequences long after the fact.

There are also powerful, wealthy people who do spend with intent, and whose resources are vast enough that their every transaction can move markets.  No small number of those people see money as an end in itself, rather than a tool, so it's not difficult to see how they can use their money to create the turmoil which generates profits.  Where there is war, there is profit to be made, and money is willing to serve any master.

As a peace-loving devotee of a war god, I grok this conflict over money, but it doesn't stop me from saving each week.  I honor the money spirits, and I try very hard to spend with intent.  The money I save for this challenge will go towards reducing my household's dependence on oil, which will have an impact not only on the endless wars funded with oil sales, but on the environmental damage resulting from fossil fuels.

Avoiding money will not prevent war.  Better to recognize that a sword has two edges, and give some thought as to what needs cutting.

My week thirty-three savings: $561, 5.8% ($33) of which I added today.

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Terence P Ward is a business writer and journalist who blogs under the rather cumbersome moniker of True Pagan Warrior.  He can generally be found at home, tending to his gardens and the many demands of his cats; in the alternative, follow TPW on Facebook. 


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