On September 5th the Sun and Moon will occupy the same space in the zodiac, 13 degrees Virgo. The 3-day period around this time (7:36 AM EDT) offers us an invitation to slow down and take some deep breaths and check in with ourselves at a deeper level than usual. There is a kind of energetic pause here in our Moon’s 28-day cycle, both a time of completion and the whisper of new beginnings. With my blog I honor this time, its potency for change and self-awareness. This is the best time to set new intentions.

The first thing I consider is the chart for this time. The planetary energies that dominate it will set the stage for making our intentions for change fit in with the current flow. There are no other planets conjunct the Sun/Moon point, but there are supporting sextiles (60 degree aspects) on either side, one from Jupiter and the other Saturn.

These two planets have opposite meanings, with Jupiter being the poster child for expansiveness and Saturn contractive, for starters. But they both have their positive attributes and the positive sextile energy will support a kind of grounded balance to our New Moon. Pluto, at 9 degrees Capricorn, is trine (120 degrees) the New Moon and this bodes well for our ability to see deeply into things without our usual fears, including dark or hidden things.

The only difficult aspect to be seen is Neptune at 3 degrees, opposing the New Moon. The orb is weak, so while significant for some of us this may not play an important role for everyone. Because of the opposition there can be an inclination at this time for fuzzy thinking, self-deception and victim consciousness. If you have strong Neptune influences (the Sun or Moon in Pisces, Sun or Moon in the 12th House) in your natal chart you might want to consider these issues when setting intentions. This might be the best of opportunities to see these tendencies in ones self with rare clarity and support.

But our main focus when looking for topics around which to frame our intentions will be Virgo herself. She comes to us garbed in the Earth Element, with the planet Mercury giving her direction. She is practical and likes to see things manifest through her efforts. She’s a bit of a perfectionist and can have pesky issues of dissatisfaction with “the way things are.” Due to her association with the 6th House of health, self-perfection and service she can be your best friend when it comes to clear advice on puzzles around health. She can function like a detective in finding the source of issues that may be blocking our vitality.

I chose the art for this blog on the basis of the positive and potentially balanced and healing energy of Virgo I see available at the time of this New Moon. Are we seeing life and our surroundings from a purely critical point of view? What would be a way to balance that: appreciation and compassion? Are we all work and no play? Maybe we need to structure into our schedule some time for release from focus? Something physical perhaps would be the balance? Jupiter can help now. What issues could be blocking my vitality? What do I know calls for transformation but is blocked by my fears? Perhaps Saturn can help eliminate that which is no longer needed, including certain people in our lives.

I always associate the Virgo Sun period (roughly August 22 – September 22) with “back to school” (which as a child I loved) and the anticipation of the fall season. At our local farm markets it is an optimum time for the bounty of our Mother Earth to be seen and celebrated with gratitude.

May we all be guided toward the light of our deepest selves.