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Nemetona: Goddess of Sacred Space and Clearer of Electromagnetic Stress

Let's face it: our modern lifestyles are filled with frenetic energy. Between gadgets, appliances, wifi, sirens, car alarms, and the frantic pace that often defines the average day, many of us find that our everyday consciousness has strayed far from the silence and stillness of the sacred grove.

In the past, I did my best not to fret about the challenging effects of electronics in interior spaces (which include but are not limited to challenges to the immune system, brain wave interference, insomnia, increased anxiety, and radiation exposure), just because I felt that there was nothing to be done about them anyway, other than moving off the grid. Then, the other day, while dowsing, I discovered that I was actually able to significantly reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic stress simply by setting the intention to do so while clearing the space energetically. Afterwards, my city apartment felt notably more still, nourishing, and serene.

Since then, I've been looking deeply at different ways to do this from a magical perspective. During meditation, I asked if there were any deities who would like to help with clearing electromagnetic stress from interior spaces, and Nemetona instantly volunteered. She communicated that by simply asking her to clear your space of electromagnetic stress, tuning into her energy, and then envisioning a quiet, deep, ancient forest or grove of trees completely surrounding and encompassing your space (home or work), you'll experience the desired effect. (You'll want to repeat this daily.)

If you're not familiar with Nemetona, she's a Celtic goddess about whom very little historical information has survived. We do know that her name is derived from the word "Nemeto," which means a consecrated space or grove, containing an altar at the center. As such, it's believed that she may have been called on to bless and watch over outdoor spaces that were sacred to the Druids.

Electromagnetic stress aside, the simple fact that so many of us spend so much of our lives indoors means that we're living a very different lifestyle than our evolution dictates. Indeed, walking barefoot on the earth and spending time in nature (two things most of us could stand to do more of) are proven to bring great benefits to our mind, body, and spirit. This is why it makes sense that Nemetona - a goddess of trees and sacred outdoor sites - would volunteer to help us create sanctuary in our modern lives and spaces.

Interestingly - and this is something I didn't know at the time of my meditation - Nemetona often appeared with the Gallic god Loucetios, who was powerfully associated with lightning - in other words, electricity! So just as the trees of a sacred grove absorb and neutralize lightning when it strikes the tallest branches, Nemetona is willing to help us ground and dissipate the excess and potentially harmful electricity that's hovering around our spaces.

Not to mention, when you tune into Nemetona's energy, you'll sense her deep rooted-ness, her vast silence, and her utter alignment with the concept of stillness and sacred space: truly the perfect counterpoints to our modern challenges.

An altar to Nemetona - even a small one - can help anchor your intention to create serenity and clear stress of all varieties (including electromagnetic). There aren't a lot of images of her available, but if you can find one, great! Otherwise, you might create a simple altar with just two items: some living bamboo in water (a small, living representation of a forest or grove), and a black tourmaline, which neutralizes negativity, grounds excess energy, and establishes calm and relaxation. And of course remember to call on Nemetona to clear your space daily, or whenever you feel guided.

P.S. A few physical-world things that will help with electromagnetic stress include turning off your wifi when it's not in use, unplugging appliances between uses, and not sleeping with your cell phone by your bed.

Image: Zingaia/DeviantArt

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Tess Whitehurst is the award-winning author of a number of books, including The Magic of Flowers and Holistic Energy Magic. She's also a feng shui consultant and a worldwide intuitive counselor. She lives in Boulder, CO. Visit her and sign up for her free monthly newsletter at


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