Oftentimes, your kitchen is the heart of the home. Something about cooking and sharing food brings people together. An herbal wreath hanging on the kitchen door can be a source of love and luck. You’ll need the following for your creation:

  • Freshly cut herbs of your choice
  • A wire wreath frame, available from most craft stores
  • Either string or florist's wire, ribbon, and a hot glue gun

This is truly one of the simplest craft projects you can ever make - simply use the wreath frame as a base, and use string or the florist's wire to anchor the fresh herbs into place. Finish it off with a colorful ribbon, or other magical decorative touches you may want to add.

Curative Wreath: These are the ideal herbs for a wreath that brings curative properties including lavender, barley, comfrey, rosemary peppermint, borage, olive, eucalyptus, apple blossom. Brown and green ribbon add a touch of healing color.

Security Wreath: Hang this guardian wreath on your front door using heather, holly, dill, foxglove, garlic, sandalwood, snapdragon, mustard, foxglove, mistletoe, mugwort. White and blue ribbons add security and serenity.

Prosperity Wreath: Greet prosperity at the door with herbs associated with money magic which include clover, chamomile, sunflower apple, cinnamon, myrtle, basil, and bay leaf. Weave in gold and green ribbon to add to your luck.

Heart  Wreath: Don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to  try this; love should be 24/7, 365.   Invite love into your home than by hanging a wreath full of love herbs on your door?. Any combination of these will work beautifully and I recommend using herbs that personally resonate for you among these options: allspice, clove,  catnip, fig, bleeding heart, periwinkle, tulip, peppermint, violet, daffodil, lavender and  marjoram to l Adorn with pink and red ribbons to let the universe know you're ready to welcome love into your life.