Whenever you begin a new project, or if you hit a roadblock in an ongoing endeavor, you should call upon the Goddess, the god Pan, any of the three Fates, or the nine Muses, each of whom can guide you toward your personal wellspring of inventiveness. Recite aloud:


I will walk with thee into the fields Elysian and back.

Anoint me here and now.

Thanks to you, inspiration I will never lack.


Place an offering to your divinity on your altar, perhaps a verse of poetry or a drawing-to show your appreciation.


The goddess is the supreme creative force. Long before the birth of Christianity, people worshipped the Goddess, who represents fertility, rebirth and life.


Pan, a pastoral deity, predates the classical Greek gods and goddesses. The god of music, he plays the pan pipes which were named after him.


The three Fates determine all our destinies:


Clotho spins the thread of life.

Lachesis chooses its length and outcome.

Atropos cuts the thread of life.