Middle Earth Magic: Inspired Ideas and Seasonal Spells for Your Enchanted Life

I grew up on a farm in West Virginia and learned much about herbs, trees, animals, gardening, foraging  and so much about nature. I incorporate this wisdom I learned from elders in my family into my spellwork. When I finally left the farm, I majored in Medieval Studies, my attempt to emulate my idol, J.R.R. Tolkien. All these influences led me to my own blended brew which I call "middle earth magic," containing a mix of the modern and the time-tested "old ways." 

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Signs and Stones Pt. 2

Scorpio, First Half: October 23-November 6 

The soul stone for early Scorpios is ruby, a gem celebrated in many legends dating from prehistoric times to the present day. Rubies were believed to be dragons’ eggs—very fitting for Scoprios, who have a lizard aspect to their souls. Rubies were believed to give the wearers invincibility. They were also thought to warn of danger by darkening in shade to a red that was nearly black. Rubies correspond to Mars, the first ruling planet of Scorpio, also associated with red. The most valuable rubies outrank even diamonds, and in the Bible, ruby is called the most precious of the gems first created in the world. If worn by a Scorpio, a ruby can re-channel passions such as lust, jealousy, and anger into more positive emotions. By all means, wear rubies, soulful Scorpios!

First-half Scorpios have a most unusual power stone in blue John. It is found in only one place in the world: the underground caverns beneath a hill in the county of Derbyshire, England. The Roman emperor Nero was crazy for it and paid an enormous price for a single vase made from it. It is the rarest of the fluorites, and its appearance of dark blue and reddish purple bands on a white background relates to Pluto, the second ruling planet of Scorpio. This is the sign of the underworld and secrets, and the origin of the name of its talisman is a mystery no one has yet solved. Though blue John can be difficult to come by, other fluorites are more readily available and will substitute nicely for the rare stone. Fluorite is thought to be healing to the bones and to wounds that lie underneath the surface. Secretive Scorpios carry many hurts beneath strong exteriors, and fluorites can gently resolve these over time. 

For early Scorpios, the heart stone is stibnite, a blue-gray mineral that comes in clusters of needle-like rods. Stibnite is closely associated with Pluto and has a shiny and opalescent surface. It is soft, and because of its crumbliness, stibnite greatly alleviates this, making it easier for Scorpios to get along with other people and get along better in the world. If you’re a Scorpio, you know you have a strong will; this stone can help you get your ideas across without forcing them. A chunk of stibnite on your desk at work will help your career and reputation.

Scorpio, Second Half: November 7-November 21  

Rhodochrosite is the precious soul stone for later Scorpios. Once called rosinca, or Inca rose, this pink beauty takes its color from iron, magnesium, and calcium. Rhodochrosite corresponds to the planets Mars, Pluto, and the Moon. The gem is formed over a very long period of time under relatively gentle geological circumstances and therefore has a gentle energy that calms the volcanic passions and anger that commonly erupts in Scorpios. As mentioned previously, Scorpios carry so much under the surface in silence. This gem can enable you to express your feelings healthily.

Everybody thinks of amethyst as the February crystal for Aquarians and Pisceans, but it is also the power stone for second-half Scorpios. The purple color related to the purple planet, Pluto. Amethyst can open the love vibration for individuals ruled by this most misunderstood and enormously powerful water sign. Wearing amethyst jewelry and keeping chunks of amethyst crystal in the home and workplace can reveal the sweet, funny, smart, approachable, and lovable side of Scorpios, offering them a much greater chance for happiness.

Scorpios have their heart stone in the very available quartz crystal. Quartz is a tremendous healer, and so are Scorpios, though they rarely receive credit for this latent talent. When a Scorpio puts her mind to something, nothing can stand in the way! By acknowledging and utilizing the healing power of quartz crystal, Scorpios can use their personal power for the good of others and greatly benefit. Surround yourself with this inexpensive heat crystal and feel the love. 

Sagittarius, First Half: November 22-December 5 

Tourmaline—specifically the multihued specimen known as melonstone, which is pinkish red with a blue-green stripe—is the precious soul stone for the Jupiter-ruled Sagittarians. Individuals under this fire sign are lively and very action-oriented, and tourmaline, which readily gives off an electrical charge when warmed, can match and propel their energy. Tourmaline is the stone for adventurers and explorers. Get some today and hit the road, dear Sag.

Amber is the power stone for early Sagittarians. This rock formed from fossilized tree sap and resin, an organic crystal. Amber was thought by the ancients to have trapped the sun, and it was called electron by the Greeks, who observed its negative electrical charge. Even wildly active Sagittarians should wear this stone only on special occasions. It keeps energy cycling within, which is good, but it can have a weakening effect if worn all the time. Amber helps performers; actors and musicians swear by it. 

Chrysocolla is the heart stone for first-half Sagittarians. Either blue or green, this copper-rich crystal is one of great life-giving vibrancy. Sagittarians always have many irons in many fires and often burn up their energy in typical fire-sign style. Chrysocolla can help prevent this and help Sagittarians direct their energy toward more purposeful and heartfelt pursuits.

Sagittarius, Second Half: December 5-December 20 

Tourmaline is also the soul stone for later-born Sagittarians. (See “Sagittarius, First Half,” above.)  

Turquoise is this group’s power stone. The rock has a rich and colorful history and was valued in the extreme by Persians, Egyptians, Mexicans, Bedouin, Chinese, Tibetans, Native Americans, and Turks. Turquoise is associated with horses and riders; Sagittarius is the centaur of the zodiac—half man and half horse. Once revered as the eye of Ra, the Egyptian sun-god, turquoise lends sight and aids in travel. Wearing this stone will help people born in this part of the year to find their purpose and harness the passion and vision to see it through.

The heart stone for second-half Sagittarians is bornite, a burnished red rock of copper and iron. Bornite used to be called peacock ore because of its impressive iridescent coloration. It is a very powerful energy crystal. Although it is not widely known, Sagittarians can be indecisive, and this stone abets them in overcoming that. This is also a stone of justice; Jupiter-ruled Sagittarians are lovers of justice.

Capricorn, First Half: December 21-January 6 

Topaz in any of its color incarnations is the soul stone for early Capricorns. Topaz gained its name from sailors who found it while exploring the desert island upon which they were shipwrecked. They named both the stone and the island Topazos, translating to mean “lost and then found.” With Topaz, ambitious Capricorns will leave no stone unturned in the path to glory. 

For power stones, first-half Goats have both lazulite and jet, gems that have a dark and shadowy appearance representative of Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet. Jet is one of the oldest stones known to man, fitting with the longevity of the slow and steady Capricorns, reputed to grow more youthful as they get older. Wear jet to live long and prosper!

Citrine and smoky quartz are the heart stones for this sector of the zodiac and will ground this hardworking earth sign. Keep citrine at your place of work and wear citrine rings and necklaces frequently to remain in touch with your feelings. 

Capricorn, Second Half: January 7-January 19 

Tanzanite is the sacred soul stone for these Capricorns. A gorgeous purple stone found in 1967 Tanzania, it corresponds to the ruling planet of Saturn. Appropriately regal and rare, it is as serious as the sign it signifies. For important meetings and moments in your life, a tanzanite jewel will make you a shining star!

Lucky Goats in the latter half of Capricorn get to have lapis lazuli as their talismanic power crystal. This crystal was absolutely revered by the Egyptians and other Mesopotamian cultures. A bright blue, this stone connotes wisdom, accomplishment, and value. I highly suggest lots of lapis boxes, jewelry, and figurines for full steam ahead. 

Rock crystal is a most practical heart stone for these Capricorns. Know as the salt of the earth, this form of quartz is fairly common but is also perhaps the single most effective and most often used stone in magic. I have been seeing rock crystal lamps that give a beautiful flow and pleasurable negative ions. Decorate with these lamps and you’ll go far and feel good with the process.

Aquarius, First Half: January 20-February 3 

Olivine is the soul gem of choice for first half Aquarians, and it is a stone with a royal heritage. The Egyptians believed this peridot to be the stone of the gods. The long, convoluted, and quite bizarre history of this stone entirely suits Aquarians, who are ruled by Uranus, the planet of chaos and unexpected change. Wear a dark green olivine on momentous occasions to mark them as special in your life. 

Onyx, the deep, dark power stone for early Aquarians, was beloved by peoples of prehistory and by craftsmen of the classical era. Onyx is super for grounding you airy Aquarians!

The heart stone for this group is moldavite. With its otherworldly origin as a meteorite, it is perfect for the Uranian bolt-from-the-blue these scientist-philosophers represent. Moldavite is a mysterious and powerful crystal with many mist-shrouded legends and theories. No doubt, an Aquarius will get to the bottom of them all one day. Moldavite will add to your Aquarian brilliance and boost your personal creativity to new heights. ”

Aquarius, Second Half: February 4-February 18 

Diopside is the beautiful blue soul stone for later-born Aquarians. This stone has ties to both Uranus, the official ruling planet of Aquarius, and Saturn, the sign’s ruler before Uranus was discovered. In 1964, star diopside, an included type, was found; it is a magical and stunningly gorgeous stone that has a quality of electric enlightenment, just like these February-born inventors, artists, and visionary businesspeople. 

Late Aquarians have jade for a power stone. It is a universal healer and love stone that can keep these very intellectually oriented people in touch with their hearts and bodies.

The heart stone for second-half Aquarians is charoite, a purple mineral that corresponds with Venus, Saturn, and Uranus. This is a fairly recent rock, perfect for the modern-minded February-born, who are generally fifty years ahead of everyone else. Charoite was discovered circa 1947 near the Chara River in Russia and was immediately greeted as a very special stone for the new centuries. 

Pisces, First Half: February 19-March 4 

I have a vested interest in the gem lore regarding Pisces as my birthday is February 19! The sign of the Fishes is affected by the moons of three planets: Triton, Neptune’s largest moon; Io, one of Jupiter’s moons; and our moon here on Earth. Because Pisces is represented by a pair of fish, members of the first half of this sign share two different soul stones. The first is the oceanic blue-green diamond, associated with Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces. Aquamarine, which relates to all three of the aforementioned moons, is the second soul stone for Fishes. Aquamarine was once believed to be the dried tears of sea nymphs. It is the purest, most harmonious energy-enhancing stone for Pisceans; wear it and you will stay in the swim.

For their power talisman, early Pisceans have a mutable rock, smithsonite, a soft, calcium-based stone that comes in a variety of lovely pastel colors. It is a stone for creativity, the bailiwick of this sign. Keep smithsonite at your easel, drawing table, or writing desk. 

Opal fossils, the heart stones for these sensitive people, are ancient fragments that crystallized and achieved iridescence through an accumulation of water and minerals over time. Pisces is, of course, a water sign and is also associated with history and deep, old wisdom. 

Pisces, Second Half: March 4-March 19

The soul gem for the very end of the zodiac is kunzite, a very lovely lilac-rose-colored stone that was discovered at the very beginning to the twentieth century, about one minute ago in geological terms. Before the planet Neptune was discovered, Pisces shared its former ruling planet, Jupiter, with Sagittarius; kunzite is Jovian (relating to Jupiter) gem. It is a sensitive stone, which befits a sensitive people. Kunzite will help you face this pressure-filled world and stay above the fray with grace. 

The power stone for late Pisces is the chrysoprase, a gem that has been revered throughout the ages. Chrysoprase was assigned sovereignty and utilized by high priests of nearly every era. This crystal is perfect for the sign that can attain the highest level of spiritual evolution. With chrysoprase, you can help others and yourself through soul attunement.

Late Pisceans can count as their heart stone the all-purpose fluorite, which comes in a rainbow of colors corresponding to the rainbow gills of fish. This stone is found all over our planet and is so universally helpful that it presents a solid foundation for gentle Pisceans. Fluorite at home and work will add comfort and grace to your space. 

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    Cerridwen Greenleaf has worked with many of the leading lights of the spirituality world including Starhawk, Z Budapest, John Michael Greer, Christopher Penczak, Raymond Buckland, Luisah Teish, and many more. She gives herbal, crystal and candle magic workshops throughout North America. Greenleaf's graduate work in medieval studies has given her deep knowledge she utilizes in her work, making her work unique in the field. A bestselling author, her books include Moon Spell Magic, The Book of Kitchen Witchery, The Magic of Gems and Crystals and the Witch’s Spell Book series.  She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.  


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