This ritual permeates your handmade massage oil with passion. Your intention and intuition add a lovely and loving magic to your time together. Gather the following supplies:

  • 1 cup of almond or sesame oil
  • Musk, sandalwood, or orange blossom essential oil 


To the cup of almond or sesame oil, add twenty drops of your chosen essential oil and stir. Heat in a double boiler on the stove very carefully.

While you are warming the blended oils, look into the gas flame or a candle flame and whisper:

My lover’s eyes are like the sun.
Her body like the land.
Her skin is soft as rain.
Tonight, we are one.
When the oil is the perfect temperature to your touch, pour it into a bowl beside the bed. Tenderly undress your lover and gently lay him or her down on towels. Each caress will deepen his or her desire and raise his or her temperature. Tonight, two lovers will slide into ecstasy.