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From city sidewalks to woodland paths, festivals, gatherings, and celebrations... far afield or closer to home, Natalie seeks out the magical--and it's everywhere. Come wander with me!

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Last Minute Samhain Inspiration from the Penniless Pagan

I had other plans... meaning, that I had other plans for the start of this blog, or should I say, the re-start of this blog. As I'm sliding into the end of Saturn in my sun sign (gather round, fellow Sagittarians!), I've been obsessed with streamlining, simplifying, being more efficient, not wasting time (hahaha), but, here I am. In short: Broomstix is still available as an archive on Blogger.



You can find the posts HERE and I am still in the process of uploading and formatting them. My Blogger site is my author website and THIS fabulous place is an extension of the work I've been doing in Witches and Pagans and the Magical Destinations series :) I also have another project that will be coming forward, hopefully around Yule, but I've learned the best laid plans--blah blah blah. Onto the good stuff! 

So, if like me, you're strapped for time and cash and you've barely done anything for Samhain and it's nearly 5PM... then you need to meet Michaela, also known as The Penniless Pagan.



If you're not familiar with Michaela's work, you need to remedy that situation, stat. The website is an excellent resource for the witch on a budget (Or even if you’re not on a budget, to use author Michaela’s words, “worshiping nature shouldn’t cost you a dime.”). Refreshing and informative thanks to her easy and conversational writing style, The Penniless Pagan is a great resource for cost effective and creative rituals, spellwork and Sabbat celebrations.

Michaela has started to produce print books of new material (supplemented by online resources) that offer thirteen (a magical number!) simple, and thoroughly fleshed out spells, rituals and magical suggestions based around a theme. Her previous book, By The Light of the Moon: A Year of Full Moon Spells and Rituals focused (obviously) on full moon magic. Samhain Traditions: 13 Simple and Affordable Halloween Spells and Rituals for the Witch’s New Year is the latest addition to the Pennliess Pagan library, and, like the free online content of the website, it’s an invaluable resource, whether you’re cash-strapped or not (but who isn’t now a days?).


The first third of the book contains general information about Samhain and its traditions presented as a combination of handy lists (colors and herbs) and easy-reading narrative (the considerations of remembrance at this time of year, suggestions for general practice—things you can do to remember loved ones that cost practically nothing, aromatherapy recipes, tips for finding your own brand of magic, and simultaneously celebrating Samhain and commercial Halloween). The remainder is all about the spells and rituals, thirteen to celebrate the witch’s New Year. Without giving the actual material away, know this: Each spell/suggestion/ritual is simple enough for anyone to do, and all of them are family-friendly and can be done with children (some, with supervision, especially when working with candles). All the materials—a mix of comforting and familiar seasonal esoteric and mundane items—are easily and cheaply obtained if you don’t have them in your home already (recycling and upcycling factor in). I loved that all of the offerings are in some way consumable. In a world where we are constantly collecting and curating things, it’s refreshing to create—be it spell, ritual or magical object—that will not take up space; it has its time, and then, like the year around which we cycle, it melts into the earth for the next phase. Penniless Pagan practices what she preaches. Instructions for constructing each spell, ritual and object (including how much time you will lavish) are thorough, but totally open to suggestion so that you, the reader can make it your own (a point addressed earlier in the book in The Way of the Witch: How To Find Your Own Personal Style of Magic).

If I had to pick a favorite (and it was difficult) I would say it’s the bonus Samhain Sunset Ritual that appears at the end of the book. It’s devastatingly simple and yet so moving. It takes practically no time at all and it requires a mere four items. Did I mention that each spell/ritual is illustrated with a pinterest worthy photo? It does. Michaela The Penniless Pagan is definitely a Witch to Watch; online or in print, she always has something of value to offer--which kind of what *this* particular blog is all about. Finding magic EVERYWHERE. Find The Penniless Pagan on twitter ( and her website (

Until next time, Good Samhain, and happy wanderings! ♥ 

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Natalie Zaman is the author of Color and Conjure and Magical Destinations of the Northeast. A regular contributor to various Llewellyn annual publications, she also writes the recurring feature “Wandering Witch” for Witches & Pagans Magazine. When not on the road, she’s busy tending her magical back-garden. Or shopping.


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