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The Musings, Writings and Fabric Art of an Urban Witch, from Wellington, New Zealand

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Introductions and Explanations

Kia Ora I’m a Tea Drinking, Urban Witch and Textile Artist.  Welcome, to my little corner of the interwebs, all the way down here in Wellington, New Zealand, situated in the Southern Hemisphere. Where the seasons are opposite to that of the Northern Hemisphere and we cast our circles in an anti-clock wise.

I first became interested in things spiritual and magical when I was around 18, and I am nearly 43 now so a few years ago. As an 18 year old I had a wee way to go before I would fall upon Witchcraft, or as I like to say it fell upon me. It was not until I was about 25 did I meet my first Witch, who became my introduction to things Witchey. I remember her first words to me ‘So you’re a Witch then.” It was not a question, and oddly or not so oddly that just felt right.

I am a Witch of no particular flavour, as here in New Zealand courses, classes and teachers are far and few between, but I have had one or two, unofficial teachers and mentors. I have read, oh how I have read, so much so that my uncompleted masters was on Modern Pagan Books from 1954 to the Present day and the pagan Community. With my favourites or most influential ones being, Doreen Valente, Starhawk, Ronald Hutton, Dianne Sylvan, and our very own Juliet Batten, who wrote Celebrating the Southern Seasons, Rituals for Aotearoa, a must have for any practicing Pagan in New Zealand. And not just books on Witchcraft and Magic, as my degree is in Religious Studies and religions fascinate me.

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Kia Ora and Welcome, to my little corner of the interwebs, I’m Polly, a Tea Drinking, Urban Witch and Textile Artist.  This is where I write about being a practicing Witch in New Zealand, all the way  down here in the Southern Hemisphere, where the seasons are opposite to that of the Northern Hemisphere and we cast our circles in an anti-clock wise direction as our sun and moon tracks north, not south.  That’s right we do a lot of things about face in the Southern Hemisphere, but I will tell you one thing, *whispers* your moon I noticed, when I was visiting Canada a couple years back, your moon its upside down.. just so you know. *winks* Here you will find musings on seasons, magic, sewing,  the sacred and tea,  as well as various reviews written about books, cards, and podcasts.  I hope you enjoy.  *sips tea*


  • Jamie
    Jamie Sunday, 25 August 2013

    Welcome! It's awesome to have Kiwis here!

    Prayers and thoughts to your people about the recent earthquakes.

  • Mistress Polly
    Mistress Polly Sunday, 25 August 2013

    Hi Jamie

    thanks for the Welcome.. and thank you for your thoughs.. the earthquakes were kinda eek, but luckly Wellington escaped any majayor damage. *phew* we all got a bit seasick however *laughs*


  • Fi
    Fi Tuesday, 03 September 2013

    Hi Polly, I wondered if you were on facebook at all? If so I would like to add you if possible. :) Fi

  • Mistress Polly
    Mistress Polly Thursday, 05 September 2013

    Hi yes i am on facebook.. you can find me on my UrbanWitchery Page.. and we can chat there if you like *smiles*

    i'm a little cautious sometimes.. *grins*

  • Terence P Ward
    Terence P Ward Monday, 26 August 2013

    That frog on your altar makes me think you're blog is going to be fun.

  • Mistress Polly
    Mistress Polly Monday, 26 August 2013

    well i figure that the Gods have a good sense of humor, and there is a rubber duckie on the other side.. cause i like balance.. *grins*


  • Carolina Gonzalez
    Carolina Gonzalez Wednesday, 28 August 2013

    Welcome dear friend! I'm very glad to find you here :D.

  • Mistress Polly
    Mistress Polly Wednesday, 28 August 2013

    thank you.. i am happy to be here.. *beams*

  • Rebecca Buchanan
    Rebecca Buchanan Wednesday, 28 August 2013

    Welcome to PaganSquare. And don't you just love that Millennial Gaia statue? :) I have one front and center on my main altar, too.

  • Mistress Polly
    Mistress Polly Tuesday, 03 September 2013

    oh yes she is my favourite i got her years ago when i had gotten a shiny new wellish paying job.. it was my reward.. ♥

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