Child of the first mortal

Begat upon a rayless woman

Twin of Piguerao

Reviver of your own mother

Slayer of killers

Hands of Ataguju

Releaser of Mankind

Wielder of the Golden Spade

Slinger of Stones

Father of Thunderbolts

Fertile One

Protector from Lightning

Bequeather of Love Charms

God of the Mountain Top

Lord of the Night

Priest of the Moon

Protector of Twins

Apocatequil, I remember you.



Apocatequil is divinity #15 from the gods of the “graveyard”.  (My apologies for the continual delays in posting…more hours at work and assembling an elementary school yearbook has taken up all my free time of late.)

Major Source:  http://www.sacred-texts.com/nam/mmp/mmp10.htm