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Explore the shadow aspects of tarot cards to help you uncover your own personal shadows and incorporate techniques, such as exercises and affirmations, to begin your journey of healing.

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Feeling the Burn of the Sun

July’s shadow card is the Sun.  When you look at the Sun card it is difficult to imagine what the shadow side of it can be but there definitely is one. 

I have posted the Sun card from the Mary-El Tarot by Marie White, which is different from the visual that we usually see in the traditional Rider-Waite and its clones.  The traditional picture is a child on a horse, exuding joy and fun while the sun in the background overlooks.  While the picture is different, the message is still the same: happiness, joy and exuberance.  




The colors of yellow and orange instantly catch our eye and give us the feeling of intense joy just like the intense heat of the sun.  The book that comes with this gorgeous deck explains that the face on the left of the card is Ra, the sun himself, at his mid day post in the sky and he is breathing the “fiery breath of creation”.  He is exuding the intense heat of himself.  This can also be interpreted as we have the ability to breathe life into our own creations, creating our own happiness and joy.  There are two falcons behind him which represent the two horizons.  Their wings are outstretched, intuitively indicating to me to give flight to those creations, to allow our work, spirits and joy to soar to their highest possible potential to bring us the success that we are striving for.


The sun itself is a symbol of intense energy and glow and generally brings people a sense of enthusiasm and celebration as when the first day of summer arrives and we are eager to spend our day underneath it, soaking it up for everything its worth.  It is a symbol of good luck and achievement. 


For the shadow side, think of having too much sun, or, being burned, overexposed.  A happiness hangover would also be a shadow; being so happy all of the time that it seems forced, or you just overindulge in being happy and going, going, going that you just can’t go any longer.  Unable to feel happiness or joy is yet another shadow of the sun, especially if you are used to seeing the traditional card with the child riding the horse having a great time.  While we are on the child, unable to get in touch with your inner child could also be a shadow.  If an aspect of the sun is to create our own happiness or to give wings to our creations, the other side of those would be lack of creativity, feeling stuck, having no inspiration. 


So now that we know the shadows and we recognize them in ourselves, what do we do now?  Well, if you are feeling burned out, what is causing that burn out?  Are you doing too much because you have a problem saying no?  For the next month, start saying no more often.  You have to think about yourself.  If you are constantly depleting your energy source because you are always doing something, are you really any good to anyone, including yourself?  Of course we all have chores and its difficult knowing that if you say no to someone that you will be disappointing them, but there are some things that you can say no to.  It’s ok.  It’s ok to leave something for the next day.  Constantly doing too much, over and over and over again, depletes your energy making it virtually impossible to enjoy life.  Make some time for you and start saying no. 


If you aren’t listening to your inner child, spend the month letting your inner child come out to play once a week.  Play in the sprinkler with your kids or grandkids.  Play in the mud.  Dance in the rain.  Just one thing a week.  You deserve to have fun so do it! 


These 2 things alone can fix the other issues.  Not feeling overwhelmed or burned out can get your creative juices flowing again, as can allowing some play time for your inner child.  You will start feeling joyful and possibly, even exuberant again.  You will enjoy life once again.  Isn’t that worth it? 


This month’s affirmations: 


“I give myself permission to say no” 


“I give myself permission to allow my inner child to come out to play” 




Card from the Mary-El Tarot by Marie White


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Reading the cards since 1999, Machelle enjoys using her empathy and intuition to assist others gain insight into their lives, helping them on their path of personal development and enlightenment.  Her specialty is working with shadows, where she helps others discover and heal the hidden shadows of self that have been tucked away for self preservation but have, in fact, limited each person’s ability to live to their fullest potential.  Also a Reiki Practitioner, she is committed to helping others heal through her business Ray of Light Tarot & Reiki.


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