b2ap3_thumbnail_spiral_dance_cropped.jpg “Not for ourselves alone are we born
~Marcus Tullius Cicero

Full Moons are not in effect for long — usually just until the next New Moon — nor are they generally as powerful as New Moons, but this one, happening Sunday, August 10 at 2:10 pm EDT, looks to be more powerful than most. The chart (cast for Washington, DC, and so predictive for the entire USA) shows an emphasis on the ninth house of legalities, religion and foreign policy. Problems come from two difficult planets (Mars and Saturn) conjunct in an often difficult house (the twelfth),  in the fixed — and often difficult — sign of Scorpio. The focus of this Full Moon is on balancing the needs of self – or Self – with the needs of others, or the collective.

A paragraph for astrology students: The emphasis, of course, is on the Leo/Aquarius axis, bringing sign rulers Sun, Saturn and Uranus into high focus. Saturn (ruling the third house) is square to the Sun/Moon opposition. Mars is powerful in Scorpio, a sign it rules, and Saturn is given more power through its wide conjunction with Mars and its mutual reception with Pluto. Mars (ruling the twelfth and fifth houses) is square Jupiter (ruling the second) and Pluto is in the second (the economy, finance, banks and financial institutions) Saturn is square the Moon (the people), Sun (co-ruling the ninth, with the Moon) and Mercury (ruling the eighth of jointly-held financials and the tenth of government). Mars also rules the fifth (entertainment, children’s issues, gambling) which holds Uranus, still inconjunct Saturn, trining the Sun and Mercury, sextile the Moon. The twelfth house can speak to spirituality and connection with the collective unconscious in a personal chart, but in mundane charts, it generally tends to the more difficult realities of prisons, hospitals, hidden enemies and covert operations, particularly with Scorpio on the cusp. There is a trine between Neptune and Mars, but trines sometimes just make things easier for the wrong people or entities. WWII, for instance, began under a grand trine, and the combination of Mars, Saturn and Neptune is a marker for infectious disease — but will the trine make it easier for the virus or the humans? Infectious disease is something I expect to see a great deal more of worldwide next year and through 2016, as Saturn moves into Sagittarius and squares Neptune in Pisces, with Mars punctuating that aspect regularly as it moves through the Zodiac. Speaking of trines, Uranus in the fifth house trines the Sun and Mercury, and sextiles the Moon.

And a paragraph for Outlander fans: Since the fifth house rules the entertainment industry, this can indicate the debut of some cutting edge television — like Outlander! (Finally!! Thank you, Diana Gabaldon and Ron Moore.) The show debuts just a few hours before the Full Moon, and the trine between Neptune and Mars is particularly helpful in the chart of a film or television show, since Neptune — the planet of illusion and fantasy — rules the film industry, and Mars gives whatever it touches a big boost of energy. Mars in Scorpio also well describes the warlike and politically convoluted atmosphere of 18th century Scotland. I’m tempted to run a chart for the show’s debut, but I’m pretty sure it will be a huge success. Now if I could just get cable where I live — which is in the same general vicinity as the fabled Fraser’s Ridge.

There’s going to be a lot going on behind the scenes in the country, and considerable criminal activity – particularly the white-collar variety – seems likely over these next couple of weeks. (When it will be discovered is another matter.) Financial arenas, particularly the stock markets, are likely to be driven to excess by some massive behind the scenes manipulations — note the previous reference to criminal activity. Transportation, communication and infrastructure issues seem likely, and so, unfortunately, does widespread flooding. (Remember, this chart is for the USA) Foreign policy is emphasized, and that trine from Uranus to the rulers of the ninth suggests that surprising and unexpected moves that break new ground in the foreign policy department may work better for the Obama administration than old-style, behind-closed-doors negotiating during the rest of the month. The need for strong, honest, heart-centered leadership is clear in this chart — and so are obstacles to providing it.

So let’s take a look at how we can make this energy work in our own lives, where leadership will also be important. Who or what is taking the leadership role in your life? Are you inclined to lead, follow, or sit on the sidelines? We are all at the center of our own universe, and the Leo-Aquarius polarity of this Full Moon suggests the need to find balance between self-determination and collective influence and support. Are you someone who tries to control every aspect of your life and the people in it, or are you driven by the needs and demands of others? For most of us, it’s a bit of both, yet there are times — we all have them — when it is clear that we are being led by our soul, and that’s when the need for control dissolves, and our relationships with others bring expanded awareness, support, and connection. Give yourself some quiet time these next few weeks to check in and determine if you are living in line with your soul-level vision and desires for this lifetime. If you are a student of astrology, pull out your own natal chart, and look at it with fresh eyes, as though you were interpreting it for someone else. (If you’re not a student of astrology, you can call me to arrange a consultation.)

Another thing you might want to look at over these next couple of weeks is the role anger — particularly suppressed anger — plays in your life and the lives of those around you. Anger is a clear call to action, a red flag letting you know that something in your life urgently needs to be addressed and changed. It’s the spark that gets the engine turning. But once its purpose has been served it is meant to be released, not belted on like a weapon that protects you, or nurtured so it grows, or tucked away carefully in a subconscious drawer, where it pops out like an evil Jack in the Box regularly to frighten and injure those around you. Anger can be used for personal growth, insight, and activism, or to wound others. What’s your choice? Can you release some of the anger you hold on to? If you do, it will free up a whole lot of energy that can be used to initiate change in your life and in the world around you.

Finally, what are your secrets? Hiding things from others is fine, but the closer the relationship, the greater the need for full honesty, and the closest relationship you have is the one with your Self. It may be time to do a bit of digging and figure out what you are hiding from yourself. Interestingly, those things we try to hide from ourselves usually end up being obvious to others, especially friends and family. If you really want to keep a secret, make sure you are honest with yourself about it!

Last week I promised you a post on the astronomy of astrology. I haven’t forgotten, and I’ll have that post up soon. I’ve been amusing myself watching Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye demonstrate their complete and utter ignorance of astrology on YouTube, and while I’m not an astro-physicist, I have managed to educate myself about the astronomical realities of my craft, so I’ll be giving you a slightly different, but astronomically accurate understanding of what we are looking at when we look at a chart. Perhaps I’ll even make a video someday. Hmmmm….