Mama Moon enters the Mutable, Earth sign of Virgo on Jan. 22 at 7:22 pm Pacific Time until Jan. 24.

Think of this Moon-Time as a mental RE-CHARGE with surprises.

Look for help from those both younger and older than you. Don’t OBSESS! Enjoy the VIBES and trust the information you receive; trust that you ARE learning, always learning and that nothing is really under your control; maybe sometimes, but let go of certainty, even for 1 second and see what happens.

If you require help pick a card from my Elfin Ally Deck below then scroll down for the REVEAL. Make sure you’re subscribed to Daily Moon Vibes to get more card spreads & reveals when they come out!

The Elfin Ally Oracle Deck
by Kathy Crabbe Available in Spring 2019

Virgo Moon REVEAL

Oracle Card 1: Angels Among Us (Falcon)

Keyword: Wish
Meaning: A new home awaits you.
Reversed: You feel blocked creatively.

Oracle Card 2: Merganser Magick

Keyword: Sunkissed
Meaning: Relax. The days are long and you have all the time in the world.
Reversed: Busyness is distracting you from the real work at hand.

Oracle Card 3: Mischief (Grey Squirrel)

Keyword: Inventive
Meaning: Your curious mind has come up with a brilliant solution.
Reversed: If only you could figure things out. You’re over thinking it.

Sparkly Blessings!
Kathy Crabbe