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Libra Full Moon Card REVEAL

Keyword: Wise
Meaning: Although saddened by the times your will is true and guided by magick.
Reversed: A dark omen portends gloom, so stay inside!

Affirmation: No regrets.
Astrology: Saturn, Pluto
Element: Earth, Water

Medicine: Our task is to challenge authority in dark, mysterious and magickal ways.

Lore: She could feel her heart lift and fly free, free as her ally, the Raven. He told her his secrets each night through gifts of shine and sparkle that blessed her whole life.

She was young and magically untested as an Elfin Princess-in-waiting often was. But with heart aflame, to match the red of her hair she would explore the hidden realms in cahoots with the Mystery of Raven, her great ally and chum.

Excerpted from the Elfin Ally Oracle Deck
by Kathy Crabbe