Across the Midwest and New England a fight has been brewing between landowners and the Canadian corporation Enbridge. The fight centers on two tarsands pipeline crisscrossing the continent: Keystone XL in the Midwest and Trailbreaker/Line 9 in the Northeast.  Enbridge, the owner of the pipeline wants to move tarsands, the most toxic and corrosive oil product on this planet, from Alberta, Canada to the sea. In order to do so, the pipelines will bisect the breath of the United States from Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico and to the Gulf of Maine. Leaks will happen in New England and in the Midwest and will impact all of the nation.


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Thousands of people nationwide have been on the forefront of this fight. Thousands more have joined the resistance from Canada. The Canadian insurgence comes from the movement Idle No More (#IdleNoMore) in which many of the indigenous peoples of Canada have reached their breaking point and are now standing up to the Canadian government saying they will no longer permit Mother Earth to be destroyed for corporate profits. Flashmobs have been spotted all over the US and Canada. Drums are drummed, songs sung, hands held as groups of people, normally disconnected from one another, come together in moments of peace and unity in resistance to the global devastation tarsands causes.

Here in the United States, has been leading the charge against tarsands. Sierra Club has also taken a stance as has the National Wildlife Fund. Thousands of environmental groups have come out against tarsands across the globe. Individuals who will not be affected by tarsands are taking a stand and calling for the end of the West's oil addiction.

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