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Plant A Faery Chair!

Flower Faeries are intriguing to have in the garden. A great way to invite them to move into your own herb garden is to plant an enticing Faerie Chair. Faerie scouts will be able to see this high rise Faerie Garden from a great distance! They will be so delighted that perhaps a whole clan will make their home near this awesome chair garden. You do however, have to make sure that your friends and relatives never try to sit on the chair. Who knows what will happen?


Begin by finding an old wooden chair. Garage sales are a good source or in my case I remembered I had some chairs up in the top of the barn. Remove the seat part of the chair. And gather the rest of the needed materials:

  • Chicken wire
  • Staple gun
  • Wire cutters
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Potting soil
  • Green sheet moss
  • Curly branches
  • Special herb plants for the Faeries:

Lady's Mantle~so that the Faeries can shower with the dew drops. The dew drops from this perennial keep away wrinkles. This is very important for someone as old as the Faeries.

Lavender~the clan likes to have many parties and lavender infused wine is one of their favorites (promotes pure knowledge!). Lavender plants are where the Faeries drape their clothes to dry and the lavender scent perfumes the air so there is no stress.

Woolly Lamb's Ear~this is a perennial pet for the Faeries--normal animals are just too big!

Thyme~a must! The Faeries build their homes under the mounds of thyme.

Rosemary~is good for the memory! A trailing variety looks great trailing down over the side of the chair.

Boxwood~can be clipped into a topiary tree and decorated for a special Faerie event--perhaps a wedding (small leaf boxwood would be the best!).

Sweet Woodruff~the whirly white blossoms of the sweet woodruff reflect the moonlight for late night Faerie dancing.


It is best to find a work area outside to plant the chair. With any luck the Faeries will spot what you are doing and the word will get out quickly!

Cut two squares of chicken wire approximately 12" wider than the opening of the chair seat.

Staple the chicken wire to the sides and form the excess wire into a pouch. You might want to double the staples to insure the pouch is secure.

Line the bottom of the chicken wire pouch with wet sphagnum moss. The mesh should be covered with moss that is approximately 2" deep.

Fill in the pouch with a good potting soil amended with compost or well rotted manure. Bring the soil up to the level of the top of the seat.

Plant the herbs in the soil. Remember to keep taller growing plants at the back and the shorter plants such as thyme to the front.

Water well and cover the soil around the plants with the green sheet moss.

Curly branches should be twisted down a leg of the chair which will allow Flower Faeries a means of climbing up to their Faerie Garden. If you have extra branches they can be inserted into the soil at the back in case the Faeries want to build a swing. To encourage interest, place mini tea sets on the moss. You can also make a sign and tie it to one of the chair legs with brightly colored rafia.

Faeries like all kinds of earthly delights. Add acorns, seashells and bits of gold ribbon but most of all add your imagination and have lots of "Faerie Fun." The chair should be watered once a day and in cold temperatures in the winter, given some protection. Happy gardening!

by Marilyn Edmison-Driedger

Blue Fairy Chair by Dona Bia, Flickr Creative Commons

Fairy Chair with Mushrooms by Louise LePierres, Flickr Creative Commons

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