Okay, not literally ;)

It seems a long time since I've written, but it's taking a long time to fill the kiln! I'm making smallish pieces, and it's a pretty large orifice! However, I started working on some larger pieces today... watch this space. 

There are two 'in the meantimes' for you. One is another tile design, see image attached. I really like the way that it came out, although it's nigh on impossible to see here as just greenware. I'm looking forward to getting this one glazed...

The other 'in the meantime' is I'm looking for some 'hive mind' suggestions. Think of the tarot cards not just as images, but as personas. Now it's easy to see that with the court cards and some of the others, but what person would the Eight of Wands look like? What house would that character live in? As before, it's easier with some of the cards than others, but, for a moment, let's pretend they're all people. Watcha think?

More images to follow in the proverbial soon!