It’s fun that the abbreviation for ‘retrograde’ in astrology is the same as the abbreviation for ‘prescription’ in medicine. This post will be about using tarot as a prescription to ease the suffering sometimes brought on by Mercury retrograde.

The first Mercury retrograde of 2020 began February 16 and will be with us through March 10. While astrologers suggest this will be the easiest of the three Mercury retrogrades of 2020, many of us are already experiencing hurt feelings and communication kerfuffles.

The images and lessons of tarot can offer a fix for some of the heartaches and pitfalls of Mercury retrograde. While all tarot images can have an important message for us at this time or any time, I have come up with a list of cards that specifically offer the energy we need right now. When these cards appear in your divination, pay special attention to the advice they can offer about dealing with Mercury retrograde.

You can use these cards in healing magick to help mitigate some of your Mercury Rx pain and suffering. You can meditate with these cards, use them in ritual, or simply let their energy provide healing and direction.

Mercury is related to the element of Air. That’s why Mercury retrograde can mess with our communications, our thoughts, and our technology. You will find a predominance of Air cards in this group.

Two of Swords

Stay in your lane and don’t worry about what others are doing or saying. Pay more attention to your head than your heart. Don’t take things personally. Be at peace with indecision. Don’t feel the need to explain things.

Four of Swords

Rest, meditate, and make space for yourself. Allow yourself time for recovery. Avoid stressful situations when possible.

Six of Swords

Hold yourself accountable for logical thinking. Affirm that logic and information will take you further than dark imaginings and falsehoods.

Page of Swords

Consider your communication carefully. Write your thoughts in order to organize them before you speak them. Take time to read, study and learn. Only say things that are necessary and true.

Six of Cups

Don’t let your brain distract you will difficult memories. Focus on positive memories and learning lessons from the past. Take time to review your creative work. Use the energy of Mercury Rx to make edits and corrections.

Four of Pentacles

Be judicious about committing your time, money and energy. Have strong boundaries in all areas of life. Be self-protective without being defensive.


The Magician is Mercury himself. Use this card to align yourself with the positive aspects of Mercury; quick thinking, learning, communication and open-mindedness. Ask Mercury to guide you and protect you during this time.

As you can see from the lessons of these cards in the context of Mercury retrograde, this time offers us the opportunity to review and revise things, to keep to our own counsel and carve out our own space.

Although Mercury retrograde can stir up some difficult energy, there are gifts, growth and healing to be had during this time as well!