There are so many legends about wishes in our culture. Which one of us has not make a secret wish on our birthday candles?  Who hasn’t wished on the first evening star?

So often, these are the first spells we cast as children.

Sometimes, a simple wishing spell is all you need, and you don’t have to wait for your birthday, or for the first evening star, to cast it.  All you need is the Nine of Cups!

The Nine of Cups is the traditional “wish card,” or the “card of wishes fulfilled.”

If there is something specific you are wishing for, for yourself or another, write your wish on a piece of paper (or parchment), and place the Nine of Cups on top of it.  You can use whatever tools or techniques you like to raise energy and visualize your wish fulfilled.

You can use the Nine of Cups to manifest healing, success, or love – whatever it is you need, as long as it is a wish for the highest good of all concerned.

The energy of the Nine of Cups will help to fulfill your wish!