Today I want to share a way of using tarot to slay your very worst magickal enemy.

 My worst magickal enemy, you might be thinking, how does she know who that is?

 I know who your worst magickal enemy is, because yours is the same as mine.

 This enemy interferes with our power, our success and our personal happiness every day.

 Our worst enemy is fear.

 The Ace of Pentacles is the perfect shield against fear.

 We associate the Ace of Pentacles with the root chakra. The root chakra connects us to Earth. Through the root chakra we feel sustained and secure. Sometimes we feel our survival, or our access to resources, might be threatened, or is undeserved. As soon as that happens, fear has taken hold.

 Fear erodes our confidence, and hinders our ability to live to our fullest potential. Fear weakens us. Sometimes our fear causes us to manifest the very situation we wanted to avoid.

 Try this quick magickal meditation for grounding, protection and security.

 Take the Ace of Pentacles, and focus on the image. See the Ace of Pentacles as a huge shield that you can deftly wield to protect yourself from all harm. Then see the Ace of Pentacles as a representation of your root chakra; connecting your to Earth and sustaining you in all ways.

 Focus for a moment on your root chakra. Send the energy of the Ace of Pentacles to your root chakra. Hold the Ace of Pentacles in your mind as you send energy from your root chakra into the Earth.

 As you hold the image of the Ace of Pentacles, and focus on your connection to Earth, say the following affirmation, or something similar.

 I am grounded and connected to the Earth. I am protected and empowered on the Earth. My resources are provided in abundance by the Earth. There is no room for fear within me.

 Do this whenever you feel insecure or fearful, and you will defeat your most dangerous and powerful enemy.