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Culture Blogs

Popular subjects in contemporary Pagan culture and practice.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
A Charm Against the Virus

 A Reminder to the Wise:

Magical protection is best used in conjunction with, not instead of, practical measures.


Pandemic or no pandemic, it's Spring and time to clear away the Winter detritus.

I'm out in the front yard raking up leaves. What with the molds and the dust that I'm stirring up, I sneeze again and again.

Aha! I think, whipping out my handy-dandy anti-covid face-mask.

Of course, it works like a charm.

Call it a covid benefit.

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Hedgewitch Medicine: Forgotten Herbal Healer

Oxymel’s are a very old fashioned tonic that dates back from ancient times that have fallen out of fashion. It remains a favorite herbal healers use and is made of two seemingly opposing ingredients- honey and vinegar. Herbs can be added to great effect and when you see honey menthol cough drops on the pharmacy shelf, note that origin of over two thousand years ago. Oxymels are supremely effective for respiratory issues. The recipe is simplicity itself, equal parts honey and vinegar poured over herbs in a canning jar. Store in a dark cupboard and give the sealed jar a good shake every day. After two weeks, strain out the herbs with cheesecloth and store in the fridge.


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Taurus New Moon Reading: I Am Safe & Protected

Dear Moon Muser,
The hardest thing for me right now is just to keep going, knowing I am but one voice, one squeak, one noise, but also one great symphony when joined with your voice. Not in fear, but in LOVE.

To be not afraid, to be heard, and to sing our song of hope, for a future that feels very unknown and scary right now. May all that I do help to guide, heal and delight you.

For my New Moon Reading this month I'm doing it differently. I'm spreading out all three of my hand painted oracle decks, closing my eyes and asking the gods to help me choose.

New Moon Reading

Be a child with me.
Drop away pretenses, false ego.

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The Goddess Abides

I stand on the stage in the Roman theater of the ancient city of Ephesus, thinking of how different history might have been.

Here, if the anonymous story in Acts 19 is to be believed, the enraged citizenry of Ephesus nearly lynched Saul of Tarsus, known later to the church as “saint” Paul. Angered by his blasphemies against their patron goddess Artemis—known to the Romans as Diana—for two solid hours they chanted “Great is Diana of the Ephesians!”

Alas, Saul's life was saved by a conscientious city magistrate who talked down the crowd by reminding them that extrajudicial killings are morally wrong.

Such conscientiousness in a public official is surely to be praised. Still, one can only wonder.

According to Acts, the crowd's anger was fomented by a souvenir manufacturer worried about potential loss of trade. One need only think about this to see how unlikely such a scenario really is. Why do non-pagans find it so difficult to believe that pagans, too, might actually love our gods?

Walking the streets of the city earlier that day, I had been struck by the frequency with which one found little bas-reliefs of the Ephesian Goddess, with her distinctive polymastate (many-breasted) shape, carved into the gateposts of doorways, watching maternally over the comings and goings of her people.

Me, I know a mezuza when I see one. You can't tell me that the ancients didn't touch these little goddesses and then kiss their hands, coming and going. In fact, I did so myself.

Thanks to this episode, historical or not, Artemis/Diana is the only goddess to have been mentioned by name in the New Testament. If Craft historian Ron Hutton is correct, for this reason through the Christian centuries She became the paradigmatic example of the pagan goddess—think of all those medieval accounts of wicked women flying by night with the goddess Diana, dea paganorum—and thus, eventually, the patronal Lady of Revival Witchery, She Who Shines by Night.

If that's so, then I'm standing in the place where the New Paganisms were seeded, nearly 2000 years ago.

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Aromatherapy for Anxiety: Serenity for Sheltering

Add a mixture to a mild carrier oil (olive or almond, for example) and rub one drop on each pulse point: on both wrists, behind your ear lobes, on the base of your neck, and behind your knees. As the oil surround you with its warm scent, you will be filled with a quiet strength.

Roseessential oil is extracted from the flower petals and has an exquisite perfume. Rose is also highly prized for how it relaxes and also stimulated the senses and memory,

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The Opiate of the Left

I'd have a lot more respect for activism if so much of it weren't basically reactivism.

Back in the day, the big Cause here in the Twin Cities was Honeywell. Honeywell was a local corporation (the headquarters were just a few blocks from my house) that manufactured, inter alia, cluster bombs. The Honeywell Project was determined to stop them.

Now, cluster bombs are pretty despicable. So the Project mounted demo after demo: civil disobedience, yadda egalitarian yadda. The pattern quickly became predictable: another demo, more arrests. Over the years, the Project spent tens of thousands of dollars bailing civil-disobedients out of jail. My friend Stephanie, ever the pragmatist, observed that if the Honeywell Project had used all that money to buy Honeywell stock, maybe they could actually have accomplished something.

Once a Big Name activist witch flew into town for one of the demos, and gave a public lecture the night before to psych up the non-violent troops.

We'd met several times previously, so I went up afterward to welcome her to town.

"Are you coming to the demo?" she asked eagerly.

Activism is a luxury. The demo was scheduled for 10 o' clock on a weekday morning.

"Um, no," I told her, a little amazed at the different worlds that the two of us inhabited. "I'll be at work."

The story has a happy ending, kind of. Eventually, H-well stopped making cluster bombs—but only (of course) after there was no more money in it for them.


Demos and actions are for beginners, the opiate of the Left. Do you know who I really respect, though?

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    Mr. Posch, I agree, and see this as a consequence of the triumph of the New Left in the anglosphere. Look, I'm not going to be t
Massage Oils For Healing and Protection

Massage oils can be made in minutes if you have the ingredients on hand; head to your nearest health food store and get the raw ingredients. I am one lucky lady to have a soap and candle store in my neighborhood, Juniper Tree in Berkeley, California. I am there twice a month picking up what I need from candle wicks to essential and base oils and plain bath salts for my custom creations. Record your experiments with various oils in a journal. After several moons, note which had the best results for you and which you preferred. For example, if you received a proposal for marriage after a Very Vanilla soaking session, I’d say that works for you!

 Mystical Meanings of Essential Oils

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