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Culture Blogs

Popular subjects in contemporary Pagan culture and practice.

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A Contract with Death

The island lies at the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers. To the Dakota, old in the land, it marked the Center of the World.

That's where we gather for Samhain.

In the river valley, the Sun sets early. By late afternoon, people have already begun to gather at the stone-built fire-hall, and kindled a fire in its central hearth. At sunset we close the doors.

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Pakistan's Pagans In Danger Following Massive Quake

Pakistan's The Nation warns that hundreds of deaths could result if aid does not soon reach the Kalasha, the last remaining pagans of the Hindu Kush, now spending a second night outdoors in snow and sub-freezing temperatures, only a few hundred miles from the epicenter of Monday's devastating R-7.5 earthquake.

The Kalasha, who number about 4000, including 500 children, live in three isolated valleys in Pakistan's remote Northwest province. Because landslides and heavy snowfall have blocked the main access road from Chitral, the provincial capital, requests for aid have so far gone unanswered.

Qaid-e-Azam, a Kalasha who manages a hotel in Chitral, told Britain's The Guardian that the situation in the valleys could be worse: "Some of the roads are blocked, but the phones are working and people are reporting only minor damage to some of the houses." No Kalasha deaths have yet been reported.

The Kalasha valleys are still recovering from this July's devastating floods, which destroyed many houses and washed away many of the flocks and gristmills on which the Kalasha depend.

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I’m always nervous when I need to write about an unknown divinity and especially when it comes from a culture where I have to rely upon transliterated information. Kojin is the next deity from the atheist’s graveyard. I find him interesting in that he is a male divinity of the hearth.

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An Open Letter to Defenders of the Confederate Battle Flag

So, a symbol that you love deeply and consider sacred has been hijacked by hate.

Well, I know how you feel; the same thing happened to us.

Based on our experience, I'd like to tender a few recommendations.

Lay down the battle. You've already lost. Regardless of what it may or may not mean to you, to others it means hate. Fair or not, to defend it in public now only taints you by association.

Lay off the public display. Honestly, other people find it offensive. Keep it for use in private, where people know what it means—and what it doesn't.

Choose something else for public display. Do your research. You really do have other options here. Inform yourself.

Be patient. If your values are true, time will not diminish them. It may not happen in a lifetime, or two, or three. What is truly sacred cannot be fouled forever.

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Big Brown Bat: Unintended Consequences

Originally a forest dweller, Big Brown Bat (Eptesicus fuscus) now roosts in attics. Moreover, He makes his home in the eaves of people’s houses. Seen around city traffic lights, Big Brown Bat hunts for Insects along the tree-lined streets. He has maternity roosts in bridges, and eats the bugs attracted there by the headlights of cars.

Found in the Americas, Big Brown Bat tolerates the cold by hibernating during the winter. He can be found sleeping in tunnels and abandoned mine shafts. Unlike other Bats, Big Brown Bat lives for as long as 18 years. Biologists believe that his hibernation is the major reason for his long life. Also, his relatively large size allows Him to remain active in cooler weather.

Beneficial to people, Big Brown Bat eats as many as 1,200 Insects in one hour. Flying in a stately, unwavering manner, He is an agile hunter, trapping Moths by throwing his wings around Them like a net. Although, He is still abundant, his numbers are decreasing yearly.

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Tarot Look-a-Likes

In the Tarot, the symbol of the scales of Justice implies some type of "balance". But, so does the juggler balancing coins in the 2 of Pentacles card--or the "middle of the road" energy of Temperance.

What about grief and sorrow? We have the 3 of Swords (impaled heart), 9 of Swords (sitting up in bed, head in hands) and 5 of Cups (spilled goblets and a downcast posture).

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LEFT & RIGHT ACTIVATION WINDOWS - Time Links To The Past & Future

This week we're going to discuss Left and Right Activation Windows in crystals.

To review what we discussed last week, a Window crystal is a crystal with an extra facet. To determine if you have a window, you count the faces.

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