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Culture Blogs

Popular subjects in contemporary Pagan culture and practice.

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New Moon in Capricorn: Treasure in the Dark Earth

The Sun's transit through fiery, jovial Sagittarius occurs as we are preparing to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic, Sagittarius embodies the Jovian qualities of generosity and festivity that are so present during the holidays. We spend too much, eat too much, go out and party too much. It is a time of festivity and merry-making, and all of us are encouraged to join in, sometimes even pressured or ridiculed for not getting into the spirit.

At the Winter Solstice, the Sun moves into Capricorn. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is the contraction that happens after the rapid expansion of Sagittarius Once the merry-making of the holiday season winds down, after the elation of the Solstice and New Years, Capricorn can feel like a return to grim reality. During Sagittarius we charge things up on the credit card, we overindulge in food and drinks. During Capricorn, the bills come due, we might have to tighten our belts to accommodate the holiday's excess, we start diets to get rid of the weight we gained.

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Last time we discussed crystal mining in Arkansas and how it varies from digging. Digging your own crystal is a rewarding and exhilarating experience; because I'll describe digging in much more detail later, for now, I will speak in generalities.

Most of the mines require a small digging fee for the entire day. You simply choose a mine, pay the fee, sign a liability release and then start digging. Safety is a major concern for all ages. Children need close supervision and must be guided and watched diligently. There are a lot of drop offs and places for little (and big) people to get seriously hurt. However, if the safety considerations are carefully observed, I would recommend crystal digging to people of all ages. It is important to remember that common sense is the most important tool to use.

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Last blog post we talked about where to dig crystal in Arkansas, in this post I was planning to cover how to dig. It's a MUCH bigger subject than it seems like it might be, so I am breaking it into several parts. Let's start with the actual crystal mining process and we'll cover what the difference is in "mining" and "digging".

Crystals emerge from the earth in two ways; either they are dug out by people, or they surface on their own through natural causes such as folding, faulting and erosion. By comparison, when we dig them out, they are “born” via C-Section (versus erosion, which would be comparable to natural delivery). There is often controversy about whether we should be bringing the crystals out of the Earth or leaving them there. I have been guided to understand that Mother Earth and the Crystal People know how much humanity needs their assistance going into this new era, so they're allowing us to deliver them by C-Section. To wait for the crystal to emerge on the Earth's time scale, we probably would have destroyed ourselves three or four times over, so that by the time they made their way out into the sunshine, we'd have already been toast. Mother Earth and the Crystal People are graciously, and intentionally, allowing us to cut open and dig in to pull them out now, while there's still time to save humanity.

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Leftover Christmas and Yule Cards - Make an Oracle Deck!

Jolly snowmen, cheery red cardinals, shining stars, festooned trees, intricate snowflakes, welcoming wreaths, glowing candles, silver bells, crackling fireplaces, glistening ornaments, gentle doves, majestic Magi—Christmas and Yule cards are replete with universal symbols found outside the winter holidays.

In my opinion, some of the most beautiful, uplifting art decorate these annual missives.

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10 Secrets to Successful Magic
Here are 10 little ways to improve the overall success quotient of your magic.
1. Always start with clutter clearing.
When I want to manifest or shift something, if I have any clutter ***anywhere*** (and let's admit it - we all do unless we just-just-JUST cleared clutter), I start by focusing on that. Nothing unsticks and opens the door to positivity like getting rid of the junk in your physical space.
2. Choose intentions with joy behind them.
We always want to look for the JOY. That's our gold, and the clue to our natural divine momentum and flow. When we choose intentions with joy, we get to merge our energetic efforts with the Universe, which of course always works in our favor. 
3. Have fun with your rituals and spells.
Fun is the fairy dust and silver bullet that takes your magic from good to great. If your manifestation efforts feel fun and expansive to you, they are always a success. So wait until the idea of the ritual feels fun - or tweak it until it does - before you begin. 
4. Make sure your front door is energetically clear.
Your front door is a symbol of the positive flow of energy and blessings into your life experience. If it's dusty or squeaky, covered by a vine, rarely used, or its full range of motion is obstructed by something, this is simply a physical mirror of an energetic block between you and your natural flow of blessings. The good news? You can remedy it easily by washing it, painting it, oiling it, making sure to activate it regularly by opening it to water the plants or get the mail, or moving whatever is obstructing its full range of motion. A new doormat and shiny address numbers won't hurt either. 
5. Get your beauty sleep.
Deep and restful sleep helps us align with our intuition and shore up our personal power. So if your sleep has been a little challenged of late, make sure your bedding is super comfy, your bedroom is clutter free, and your caffeine intake isn't too intense (particularly in the second half of the day). Holding a black tourmaline, or keeping it under your pillow or by your head, is another way to enhance the depth and quality of your sleep. Added bonus: it clears and protects your energy while you sleep.
6. Exercise to get your energy moving.
We often think of exercising as a way to change the way our body is shaped over time. But just one day of exercising instantly gets your energy moving and increases your electrical emanation (aura) every single time time. And this means your magical power is increased as well. Not to mention, exercise relieves stress and infuses you with a radiant glow. 
7. Eat and drink nourishing foods/beverages that your body loves.
Similarly, eating and drinking things that fuel your physical body's health also fuel your magical and spiritual health, and keep your aura and personal power strong. So tune in deeply to what your body is asking for in order to thrive.
8. Laugh a lot.
Laughing opens you up to all the beauty and magic of the universe. By lightening your spirit and increasing your electrical emanation (aura), it clears the way for the Divine to flow through you and your life experience. And believe it or not, simply making the decision to laugh more - and then making a point of doing so - actually works. Because the more you laugh, the more others laugh, and then the hilarity bounces back to you again and increases your laughter again. (Notice the added bonus of increasing the overall laughter quotient of the world.)
9. Remember you are co-creating with the Divine.
Speaking of clearing the way for the Divine to flow through you, it's important to remember ***this is where the magic comes from.*** When we hold the expectation that the little/finite "me" has to do all the work, we effectively use our free will to shut out the Divine flow that will facilitate our most ideal magical and personal success. So relax, release, lighten up, and open up to Divine miracles and blessings so that your magic will succeed. 
10. Cultivate a sense of joyful expectation.
When we do open up to the Divine as our co-creator and magical master of ceremonies, there is a lightness and a joy. We don't feel pressured or desperate or worried, and we feel light and open and free, as if we are certain that the most wonderful possible thing is about to happen. 
In fact, you might consider inwardly repeating the affirmation, "Something wonderful is about to happen...Something wonderful is happening now." You'll notice this affirmation brings a secretive smile to your face and a magical magnetism that attracts all kinds of fabulous things.
P.S. Stay in the inspiration loop! Registration is now open for The Good Vibe Tribe: my new membership program with new online magic workshops every month, weekly web chats, and a forum to connect with other members. To learn more and watch an introductory video, click here.
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    Joy--that's the berries, isn't it? We've been de-cluttering since November and OMG, the energy! I hit 2016 running, and I really t

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A Loss of Faith

Rufus recently posted (essentially) about how Occultists don't like to show our asses to each other, especially on the intertubes because we're all trying to pretend we are Constantly Crushing It and Living Our Truth and Having All Teh Sex, Money and Happiness All Teh Time.

I've been pondering that.  At first, I was dismissive about it applying to me.  After, I constantly vomit up all my unenviable aspects of life for your viewing pleasure on the regular.  My divorce, my years working six days a week/12 hours a day, my health issues, my Are-You-There-God-It's-Me-Margaret doubts about the after life and let's not forget my constant but confusing litany of don't live like a filthy hamster/I personally live like a filthy hamster.  It seems like I show everyone my ass fairly often.

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If There's a Hammer Under the Table, It Must Be Yule

If there's a hammer under the table, it must be Yule.

Yule being the microcosm of the coming year, we have it from the ancestors that it's a good time to take precautions, what in Anthropologist they would call apotropaic (literally, “turning away, averting”) behavior.

So if in Ukraine you look under the table while enjoying the Thirteen-Course Midwinter's Eve feast (one course for each moon of the coming year), you'll see some unusual things.

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