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Culture Blogs

Popular subjects in contemporary Pagan culture and practice.

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Carol: Gentles in This Hall

 Gentles in this hall,

give ye heed to what we say:

tidings from the East

we bring to you this day.

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Cupid, son of Venus, is the capricious god of love and desire and number 25 in my tribute to the Gods wrongfully placed in the atheists' graveyard.  He was more about the pursuit or spurning of love than about the actual relationship.  Often portrayed as a chubby child (only occasionally as a youth), it is no wonder that he was so temperamental.  Try being stuck in a child's body for ages, upon ages and see how even tempered you remain.

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All topics can be divisive

With all that has happened in the last week regarding the Ferguson indictment decision, a lot of back burner issues have come to the forefront and is now boiling over. Everyone has an opinion. Some folks are clearly staying out of it for numerous reasons, some are tap-dancing around the root causes and others are bluntly stating their positions. I'm sure you have your own thoughts on the matter at large, the repercussions, the back story and so on. Even those I know who do not involve themselves with "other people's drama" and never watch the news or read articles, unless something directly pertains to them, will eventually have an opinion.

It is why I find it interesting a Pagan news source has stated they will no longer cover divisive topics. It seems to me when you use the word "News" in your name, you are expected to provide all the news and not just cherry-pick which topics will keep things civil. Not only that, but really, if you have more than a handful of people commenting on any topic, you are going to get a discussion, and discussions come from personal viewpoints - many of which can be divisive due to being based on opinion. Here is my example:

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  • Lady Pythia
    Lady Pythia says #
    I posted this there...for Pagan reasons. Enjoy an article I've found enlightening and great to use with Students as Witches and P
  • Piper
    Piper says #
    Yes, good post and warning, somethings need to be discussed, hiding them will either validate them or let them come back and be wo
  • Martin
    Martin says #
    That's a good post; let's not wrap everything in cotton wool as it's stifling.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_566px-The_face_of_an_angry_man._Drawing_18th_century_-_after_C_Wellcome_V0009329ER.jpg“If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.” has been a trope since the 60s. The desire to change the world is something I understand. I want my fellow humans to be happy, healthy, and productive; creating and inventing, and following where the heart and intuition lead. But I have to ask if anger is really the best way to change the world. Certainly it provides energy that can move people forward through difficult challenges, and it helps people support personal boundaries, and can be an indicator of where those are located. But I’m not convinced this approach is the most effective largely because constant anger is horrific for the body.

Anger is a stress response. From a physical stand point, anger and fear provoke the same biological actions in the body. Coritisol is released in the blood. This hormone circulates, causing the heart to speed up and breathing to increase so that you will have enough oxygen to act. Blood thickens so that if there is an injury we will be less likely to bleed to death. Body chemistry changes so that fats and sugars are not stored and will be available for fight or flight. All of these responses will slowly kill us if we spend all our time living in them. And this eventually leads to burn out and perhaps worse.

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  • Joanna van der Hoeven
    Joanna van der Hoeven says #
    A world of yes. Great post. x
"Summer in Winter, Day in Night": Our Yule

The Yuletide is our greatest feasting of the year, comprehending (to various degrees) nearly two months of the year, and these are its parts: Fore-Yule, Yule, and Aer-Yule (which is to say, “After Yule”). As they did for the ancestors, the Thirteen Days (or Nights) themselves form the heart of the celebration, what poet Richard Crashaw called “Summer in Winter, Day in Night”; together they are said to constitute the entire year in microcosm.

Sunday after Thanksgiving

Mother Berhta Guerrilla Wassailers' Guild Rehearsal Supper

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Family is one of the most difficult aspects of my life.  My husband and I are both the youngest in our families.  He’s the youngest of seven and I’m the youngest of six.  There are a lot of personalities and opinions in large families. 

Recently, my family had an emergency with my mother (who’s 83).  She spent the holiday weekend in the hospital.  She suffered a very mild stroke.  She was lucky in that she has little residual after affects from the stroke. 

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  • Eileen Troemel
    Eileen Troemel says #
    No I didn't get to ask that question of them. I have just taken on what needs doing. The problem will come in relation to the le
  • Cindy Laskevich
    Cindy Laskevich says #
    Drama queens! Do people who put their personal agenda (walking out) ahead of caring for their mother not realize how deeply flawe

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Pagan Lullaby


My little sweet darling 

my comfort and joy

Sing lullaby looley

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