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Culture Blogs

Popular subjects in contemporary Pagan culture and practice.

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Local Horns

Wherever he goes, he wears the local horns, and sits among the local animals.

He of the Prairie, with bison, wolf, and jackrabbit.

He of the Forest, with deer, fox, and bear.

He of the Savannah, with elephant, giraffe, and antelope.

He of the Outback, with kangaroo, goanna, and dingo.

He of the Tundra, he of the Taiga, he of the Rainforest.

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10 Things Overheard in a Witch's House
  1. Where’s my sage?

  2. Where’s my pendulum?

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  • Taffy Dugan
    Taffy Dugan says #
    Good one! I'm always loosing my matches - which is not as funny as those on your list.

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Call It Catharsis

 Remember, remember, the fifth of November.


It must have been the ugliest pinata ever.

Since we were a young coven (36 now, and going strong), the Fifth Day of Samhain has for us been a night when magic and politics meet.

It's been a mild autumn, so we gathered in the back yard—gold above, gold below—to bless the leftover Halloween candy.

Then we cut a hole in his neck and stuffed in the sweets.

Gods, that orange hair.


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Was 'Eko Eko Azarak' Originally an Arabic Chant to the Devil?

Over the years, amateur philologists have done their share of (frequently amusing and rarely lasting) damage to Craft history.

So indulge me while I spin my tale.

Eko eko Azarak,

eko eko Zamilak.

Various versions of this mysterious little rhyme (often sporting the variant Zomelak) occur in most recensions of the Book of Shadows. Doreen Valiente appended it to her chant The Witches' Rune some time during the 1950s, and Wiccans have been using it to raise power ever since.

Craft historian Ron Hutton traces these lines to an article published in 1926 by 'Uncle' Al Crowley's erstwhile buddy J. F. C. Fuller. There he claimed it as 'a sorcerer's cry in the Middle Ages.' Of this claim, Hutton wryly observes that Fuller 'did not cite any source for it, and none has since been discovered' (Hutton 232).

But what if it's Arabic?

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The Old Gods are with us always: Mictcacícatl, Santisima Muerte, and Day of the Dead

One November 2, the Day of the Dead, I went to the Taos Inn to hear a talk by local Taos artist, writer, and all around remarkable woman, Anita Rodriguez. It was fascinating and I asked whether I could reproduce it here at Witches and Pagans, She graciously agreed, and asked whether I could also share her website, where people can see and perhaps purchase her work. (I love her work- she did two paintings for me a while ago.)


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b2ap3_thumbnail_bullcoin_20161103-011534_1.jpgOne of my friends finds the idea that things having prices is downright offensive. College, for example should be free, because you can’t put a price on something that has such a powerful effect on one’s life.  Many of my friends believe the healthcare should be completely free because you can’t put a value on human life. To even attempt to do so is morally wrong. But lets unpack this concept.

To say that all life has infinite value is the same thing as saying it has no value. In the realm of the non-embodied, there may (I wouldn’t know) be no need to pick and choose between one thing or another, or how one spends one’s time (whatever that might mean in such a context). But we live on Earth. If all things are equally valuable, how can we decide how to designate the limited amount of time and energy we have to use? If both Mary and Eva want to spend time with us, how do we decide? One might say “Both!” But it is a fact that spending a bunch of time with Mary and Eva together is not equivalent to spending less time with each of them individually. A judgment must be made. We are limited by our physicality.

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Eleusinian Impact

Ye gods.

In 37 years, we've done a lot of Samhains together. But none like this one.

Naked and cold in the dark, in the cave.

Then the light flares, and the Mystery is revealed.

Of course, I already knew what the Mystery was; Hell, I'd helped write the ritual.

And still, it hit me like a thunderbolt, like love, with an impact frankly Eleusinian.

The mystery revealed in the dark. You see it, and you know that it's true.


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  • Steven Posch
    Steven Posch says #
    Over and over, all around the wold, Samhain reveals itself. Happy new year, dearest!
  • Aline "Macha" O'Brien
    Aline "Macha" O'Brien says #
    Amazing how similar our experiences were! There were few of us and it was cold and rainy, so instead of climbing the hill I once

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