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Heathens and Pagans and Wiccans, oh my!

head_Ashleen-O-Gaea_wp-19“Standard-brand” Pagans need to connect more with Heathens. 

I’m solidly Wiccan, but Heathenry interests me greatly for several reasons. One is that Wicca shares some cultural heritage with Heathenry; secondly, I personally have Norman heritage, which means that sometime in the 800s or 900s, some of my ancestors were Northmen (and women). Thirdly, I have Heathen friends and colleagues; finally, as a writing priestess for a Pagan prison ministry, I am constantly in touch with both sincere and legitimate Heathens, and those who use Heathenry as a screen for their racism and sexism. It’s a complex and heady mix.

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