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Wandering Witch Crosses the Delaware

Sometimes only a stone’s throw to the other side, the Delaware River,
seen here from Jersey, is a gateway to a world of natural beauty.

Wandering Witch
Crosses the Delaware
Article & Photos by Natalie Zaman

Into the Woods

Water skips over stones. Here, it trickles; there, it gushes. In some places, if I’m careful, I can cross with ease. But turn a bend, and the flow becomes wide and deep, swift and dangerous. This is the Delaware River. I’ve traveled its waters by foot and raft, boat and barge, but I’ve come to know it more as a gateway than a means of transport. Whenever I feel world-weary, when I need to refresh my connection to the divine, or wish to escape, I come to the river and let it be my guide. When I pass through or over its waters, I enter another world, a green and magical place.

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