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Discovering the Sacred Landscape of Glastonbury

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The Sacred Landscape of Glastonbury
by Michael Conneely 

For over a thousand years, Glastonbury has been a place of pilgrimage. My arrival here was no exception: Janet and I came in 1998 to undertake an anthropological field study of how people in the modern west were using new spiritual forms to understand themselves, and we were as captivated as everyone else.

Our previous home, the Yorkshire Dales, is an austere landscape of glacial valleys noted for rowan trees and circling hawks, and of rugged sculptured cliffs, the underworld filled with endless miles of subterranean water-hewn caves and caverns. Glastonbury was an unbelievable contrast: verdantly green and fertile, filled with tiny rounded hills like those portrayed in medieval miniature landscape paintings; we almost expected to see unicorns.

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