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Everyday Tarot

Everyday Tarot
by Gail Fairfield
New Page Books


I read Tarot cards. Too often I can draw nothing useful from the image before me. When that happens I have to rely on a book to learn what the author meant that image to mean. That is inconvenient, inefficient and intrusive, and when it happens I have wished for a simple way to remind myself what a Two of Pentacles or a Page of Wands might mean.

Now I have it. Gail Fairfield’s Everyday Tarot explains what the suits mean, shows some spreads and explains what the positions mean, and then builds from basics to give the reader a framework, a mnemonic structure that will help anyone.

Fair-field points out that the fourteen cards in each suit of the Minor Arcana are four sets of three and two points of balance, and that the four sets may be seen as levelsof a spiral, so that, for example, a four and a seven are similar to a one, but each is more complex than the previous. The points of balance, therefore, are the ten and the King, and she explains them too. Finally she explains how meaning is influenced by suit and position.

I admit that I would rather let the cards pull stuff up from my subconscious, but when they do not I still believe that each card has a meaning. Everyday Tarot can help me find it and help me remember how to look for it while still immersed in a reading. While I do not intuitively agree with some of her meanings, she starts out by saying, effectively, “Do what works for you,” and I observe that her system is completely consistent and does work.


RATING: 4 Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #02

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