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Karma Cards

Karma Cards 
by Monte Farber
Sterling Publishing, 2007


Monte Farber’s new divination deck is a wonderful surprise, and something fairly rare: a completely new divinatory system that is elegant, accessible, and effective. Farber’s Karma Cards utilizes the principles of astrology in a new format, one that requires no knowledge of one’s own astrological chart or even astrology in general to be able to read effectively.

Farber is uniquely qualified to bring forward this fun and fascinating new deck. A noted metaphysical researcher, author, and creator of The Enchanted Tarot, the Tarot Discovery kit, and The Psychic Circle, he commands decades of work and knowledge of the occult. His depth of knowledge and experience is very evident, because these cards are packed with information in a very accessible format.

This 36-card deck is actually 3 decks of 12 cards each: one representing the Signs of the Zodiac, one representing the Planets, and the last representing the 12 houses of the astrological “wheel.” The method Farber recommends is shuffling each deck in turn while contemplating your question, then turning over one card from each pile as the “answer.” This is where the ‘user-friendliness’ of the deck really is apparent: each card, beautifully illustrated by Linda Garland, has its meanings written right on it. While knowledge of astrology will help one’s understanding of the deck and the mysteries it reveals, anyone can begin using the deck right out of the box. Each card has keywords indicating its effects, significance, and advice to the querent. Karma cards can be put into practice immediately, by almost anyone.

This does not mean that they are simply for neophytes; Farber’s astrological knowledge is unassailable, and as well as being accessible to the beginner, Karma Cards have plenty to teach a seasoned Craft practitioner. I used them to lay out my own birth chart, something I’ve been pouring over for many years, and I was rewarded with fresh insights immediately.

It’s not often I’ve found a new divinatory tool that is effective, elegant, and furthers my occult knowledge. Karma Cards are as gorgeous as they are useful and fun. This is one of the best new products in many years.


RATING: 5 Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #17

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