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Tarot of the Elves

Tarot of the Elves
by Mark Elroy and Davide Corsi
Lo Scarabeo, 2007


Tarot of the Elves is an unexpected deck. My first thought upon hearing about it was “So will this involve elves in some traditional lore slapped into Tarot symbolism, or something airy-fairy and New Agey and utterly fluff?” Thankfully, it was neither. Instead, what I got was a beautiful story coupled with a practical divination and pathworking tool.

Based loosely on Tolkien’s elves, this deck follows the quest of Prince Alberich, an Elven hero, to recover four stolen sacred items; the minor arcana tell the stories of how each sacred item originally came into the elves’ possession. This original myth written by Mark Elroy layers nicely with traditional Tarot symbolism, but with its own personality — one could use the older pathworking and divination meanings; or the rich story specific to the elves may also be a key to finding answers.

I didn’t receive the novel that accompanies the deck, (though I want it even more to flesh out the story now that my appetite’s been whetted); however, I didn’t find it necessary in order to appreciate the tale. Davide Corsi’s artwork is evocative enough to make the story quite clear, without losing connection to traditional Tarot symbolism. I will admit that the digital graphics threw me off, as I’m more of a fan of traditional media. However, it’s superb quality artwork, some of the best digital work I’ve seen.

The unorthodox interpretations of some of the cards may throw off newer readers at times; however, I strongly suggest continuing to work with the deck to get a feel for its unique energy. This was a pleasant deck to work with once I got into it, and I’ll enjoy it both as a piece of art and as a tool for divination and pathworking.


RATING: 5 Broomsticks

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